June 20, 2004
CafePress Is My Pimp

I've been getting a few complaints lately pertaining to the content of my recent updates. Apparently there are some readers of this page that are fans of some marginally popular rock band, and they would like it if I wrote funny things about said band here on the Internet. Well, that's not likely to happen anytime soon, but I thought I'd do something to help placate these whiners while still involving a bare minimum of effort on my part.

The website of the aforementioned formerly relevant band claims that there will be new and "improved" merchandise coming "soon". But for those of you who would rather not wait to flush your money down the toilet, you no longer have to! You can now purchase some HOT BRAND NEW Meathead Perspective merchandise right here! Praise Jeebus!

Fig. 1: Before wearing the HOT NEW MEATPERS MERCHANDISE.
Fig. 2: After wearing the HOT NEW MEATPERS MERCHANDISE.

Go check them out, mofo's. They'll be great to wear during the next tour when the world is torn to shreds by nuclear war!

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