October 20, 2003
Happy Goddamned Birthday

Hello boys and girls, and those of you in that creepy gray area in between. Today I'd like to do something a little different. A little while ago, my inbox was graced with the following email message:

Dear Meathead,

My brother is an avid reader of your site and finds you really funny. It's his 21st birthday on Octover 20th and I was wondering whether you would be able to give him a mention or e-mail him or something? I wanted to find something he'd really like and I figured that this may do the trick. He absolutely loves NIN and I think your site closely follows in his opinion. Anyway, I'd imagine you'd have better things to do, but it'd be great if you could grant me this favour. His name is Michael Pritchett and his e-mail address is XXXXXXXXX@XXXXXXX.XXX. Thanks for your time,

Louise Pritchett x x x x

Sometimes I wish I'd chosen to write a half-assed satire column about a different band, such as, I don't know, Blue Öyster Cult, because then maybe I'd have more things to actually talk about. But unfortunately I just had to pick Nine Inch Nails. Way to go, Meathead! Anyhow, my misfortune is... well, Michael Pritchett's misfortune also, since due to the lack of anything vaguely resembling NIN news, I've used his birthday as an excuse to throw together another lame Flash animation. Congratulations!

I hope you all enjoy it (getting really drunk first helps), but if you don't, it's all the Pritchetts' fault, so don't blame me. Happy birthday, Mike! Hopefully you'll get those strippers you asked for instead next year.

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