August 5, 2003
A Long, Long Way From Home

With the new Nine Inch Nails record apparently creeping toward completion, one would expect Trent "Stinky" Reznor to be fully occupied in his New Orleans studio, right? That's what I thought, up until just the other day, when I was informed by my close personal friend "Becca" that Trent was recently spotted as far away as Peoria, Illinois (that's right, the hometown of Mudvayne) at a concert by the popular techno-pop group Ministry. Not only did Trent attend the concert, but he made absolutely no effort to disguise his identity, or keep his presence from being detected by the sweaty legions of fans in the audience. He was clearly spotted moshing, bodysurfing, and hanging out backstage with Darrell, the band's keyboardist. Now, I have nothing against Trent going out and taking some much needed R&R. But was it really necessary for him to go all the way out to Illinois while the unfinished album sits collecting dust in his closet? Of course, I wouldn't just believe anyone who emails me to tell me they saw Trent at their local Ministry concert, strip club, and/or Piggly Wiggly, but "Becca" had the pictures to prove it. And you know, you really can't argue with hard photographic evidence.

Trent, if you're reading this (and I have no reason to doubt that you are), if you're going to go halfway across the country to see Ministry instead of finishing your new album, could you at least try not to make it so obvious? No offense, but that's just rude.

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