July 6, 2003
The Tao Of Trent

Some of you may have noticed such things lately as the moon turning to blood, the dead rising from their graves, and that Creed "arms wide o-pahn" song not sucking as much as you remembered. Don't be alarmed! It's not the end of the world. has just been updated, that's all. Apparently my Ricky Skaggs experiment paid off.

Naturally, one would assume that the updating of would be a universally welcomed event that would unite all of mankind in joyous celebration. Sadly, however, this is not the case. While many people on the "NIN-ternet" are excited about this new development, there is also a significant number of disgruntled fans who feel that the update was not updatey enough. I like to refer to these people as "big mean jerks."

I won't lie (in this sentence), I've been bitching about the lack of anything even remotely qualifying as interesting NIN news just as much as anyone else. I can admit that. And sure, I don't shower as much as I probably should. I can admit that, too. And sometimes I like to trip old ladies walking down the street. But now we've actually been given evidence that Trent Rezner probably isn't dead or in a coma after all. Maybe not evidence that would hold up in court, but at least it's something to hold us over for a few hours. And that makes me happy, because Trent isn't on my "People I Wish Were Dead" list. Plus, it turns out I really don't like Ricky Skaggs that much, after all. Who knew.

Obviously, there still isn't much there to write home about, aside from the incredibly awesome, not-shitty-at-all message boards. The obvious question is, what is the deal with all that Chinese philosophy? (Note: Read previous sentence in Seinfeld voice for maximum effect) Is this any indication of the theme of the new record? The general consensus seems to be that Trent has been spending too much time smoking weed and watching The Matrix with Maynard. Hey, at least that's a step up from snorting coke and watching Labyrinth with Marilyn Manson.

The Meathead Perspective will be following each new development as it occurs. Oh boy!

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