May 21, 2003
A Thousand And Thirty-Eight Apologies

We at the NIN Hotline just received the following very informative email:

To Whom It May Concern,
  I am not sure if you are aware of this or not, but Trent Reznors birthday is May 17, 1965. I realize that you all have observed it as being May 16, but in fact you are a day off. I also would like to note that Mr. Reznor is now 38 years old, not 25 as you have stated. I am not sure if you were kidding around or what but I just wanted to make sure that you knew the facts. I go to the ninhotline frequently for updated news and I really enjoy the information that you guys give me, so keep up the good work!!!

Wow. I sure goofed on that one! Thanks to Pammy J. J. for pointing that out. I double-checked just to make sure, and it turns out she is right, Trent Ressnor was born on May 17, 1965. I could have sworn he was born on May 16, 1978! All this time, I thought he recorded Pretty Hate Machine at the age of 10, and The Downward Spiral at 16. Golly, was I ever wrong! I know I've been a fan of his for close to a decade now, so you'd think I'd know his birthday by now. I feel so stupid! Of course I suppose I could just lie and say that the reason I put up Trent's birthday card on Friday night instead of Saturday was because I had other things to do that night and decided to go ahead and put it up early. But the real reason is that I'm just retarded and didn't know that his birthday is really May 17. How embarrassing. Anyway, I just thought I'd clear up this important issue. Thanks again, Pammy!

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