May 1, 2003

As all of you had better know, a certain person's birthday is coming up in about two weeks (Hint: he sings for a certain rock band that starts with the letter N and ends in the letter S and has 3 words and is called "Nine Inch Nails"), and of course I wouldn't dream of neglecting said person's birthday here on the Meathead Perspective. Now, assuming you're smart enough to have figured out who I'm talking about (Hint: I've picked on him in literally every single edition of the Meathead Perspective. He has black hair. He's about 5'5", and his last name contains the letter Z), what I'd like you, the readers, to do is this: Make something for this person's birthday. Anything. Well, preferably a picture. Once again I'm planning on putting something together for his birthday, and I'd like to include a bunch of random crap sent in by other fans, just so this person is aware that he still does have fans even though, for all we know, he could be dead. So take your time, get out your cameras or whatever shitty image editing program that came installed on your computer, and make something for his birthday. Send it to If I don't end up using what you sent me, it means you suck and I hate you a whole lot.

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