March 7, 2003
Okay, I'm Back Now

Hello boys, girls, and other! You may have noticed that the Meathead Perspective has been "M.I.A." lately. That means "missing in action." That means the Meathead Perspective has been mostly offline for the past while or so. But now it's back (sort of), and you can resume liking/despising it just as much as before!

As you can see, aside from the new layout that I like and if you don't you can go screw yourself, there really isn't much of anything new since the site was taken down. That's because, as previously mentioned, there isn't much to talk about at the moment. But the archives are back, so at least you can read them and pretend Trent Reznor has been doing anything lately besides play Metroid Prime.

While the drought of NIN news is still just as much in effect as before, I thought of something that might help keep you jerks occupied for a while. Remember the Reznorpuppets?? In case you don't, I included this here picture on the left to help jog your memory. How about now? No? Go to hell.

Anyway, I thought it might be "fun" to have a little contest where YOU THE READER come up with creative and interesting ideas for your Reznorpuppet?, and share them with the rest of us. Well, it's not really so much of a contest, since you don't really win anything. But you would get to have your Reznorpuppet? shown here on the Meathead Perspective, the most popular website on the Internet. You have no idea how much sex you would get. It's insane.

So exercise your brains, get out your sharp instruments and liquor, and get creative. When you're done, disinfect and bandage your wounds, and then send your pictures to If it's good, I'll put it up here for everyone to gawk at. If it sucks, well, I'll probably still put it up anyway to take up space. Have fun!

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