October 27, 2002
Trick Or Meat

If you've watched any television, visited any stores, or at least left your basement at any point during the last couple weeks, you should be aware by now that it's almost Halloween, the pagan holiday celebrated in the United States, Canada and the British Isles by annoying children going door to door while wearing annoying costumes and begging treats and playing annoying pranks and getting arrested and getting picked up by their parents at 1 in the morning and getting smacked upside the head for being such annoying little shits. And, like any other holiday, it's also celebrated by drinking grotesque quantities of alcoholic beverages and throwing up.

Naturally, no Halloween would be complete without a brand new Meathead Perspective, regardless of the fact that I forgot to write anything for the last two years. That's beside the point. For God's sake, just let it go already! Quit living in the past! Why must you be so difficult? You're such a jerk. Unfortunately, however, I remembered this year. I thought it would be nice to make something special and funny for the Meathead Perspective this time around, but I just made another half-assed attempt at a Flash animation instead. I decided to save the funny stuff for next year.

Edit: Apparently some of you prefer "HTML that works properly," so those of you who previously complained of seeing a blank white box below should now be able to view the actual Flash animation, which may be marginally more entertaining.

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