May 9, 2002
How Could You?!

Oh my God. I am like, so totally pissed off at Trent right now! You'll never guess what happened! Okay, well, like, me and some friends were out at the mall, shopping for like, black stuff to express our individuality and stuff, and there was some totally lame pop song playing in the background, right? Well, I was just saying something about how this one pair of boots was totally something Trent would wear, when all of a sudden, a Nine Inch Nails song starts playing! I mean, WTF? They go straight from Britney Skank to Nine Inch Nails? Who do they think they are? I don't remember which song it was, but I think it was on that new gray album NIN just released. Anyway, I just totally started screaming right in the middle of the store! But my friends totally didn't get it. They thought I was a total freak! Well, I mean, I am a freak, but in the cool way, of course.

But, like, at first, I was mad at those lame-o's at the store who dared play a NIN song right after some other crappy song that totally doesn't even deserve to be played like, within an hour of NIN, but then I totally realized something! See, I don't really know much about legal stuff, but I did watch Law and Order a few times, so I think I know more than your typical stupid loser out there. Anyway, I realized that they can't play a NIN song over the speakers without Trent's personal permission! That would totally be against the law and they could go to jail! That means Trent must have actually gone there to the store and told them they could play his music! Whoa, wait a minute, that means Trent was at the same store that I was! HOLY SHIT!!

No, wait, I can't get excited about that, because I'm mad at him. I can't believe he would betray his fans like that! Especially me, because I'm his biggest fan! I have all of his albums (except for that new gray one, and some of those weird "halo" albums). I am so let down. I thought he was better than that! The fact that I heard Nine Inch Nails playing in the background at the store means that Trent only cares about money and doesn't give a fuck about musical integrity or whatever! What other possible explanation could there be? I even made a dramatic re-enactment to demonstrate to the whole world how much of a cheap sellout Trent is!! Look!!


Can you believe that?? How dare Trent want his music to be promoted at the MALL?! God, I really hope this is just a bad dream or something. It has to be! Well, I guess it's okay that NIN videos have gotten played on MTV, because MTV is kinda cool. I mean, they have a show about OZZY!!!!!! And I don't mind that he remixed that Puff Daddy song. Puffy must be awesome, if that Led Zeplin band ripped off one of his songs. But this is just too much. I want everyone to know that TRENT IS A SELLOUT SO DON'T BUY HIS MUSIC!!!!!!!!! He'll just use your money to buy some more sports cars and stuff! If you want to listen to a REAL band, check out my NEW favorite band, LINKIN PARK. Those guys are sooo talented and they would never sell out.

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