January 14, 2002
Preparing For The DVD

The release of Nine Inch Nails' first live release, Nine Inch Nails Live: And All That Could Have Been is only a week away. Nine Inch Nails personally sent me the following press release in order that I might pass it on to you, the reader, in its original, unadulterated form. You heard it here first (unless you've already looked at the news page on the Hotline)!
January 11, 2002



New York, NY - nine inch nails' first ever DVD and live CD will probably arrive in stores on Tuesday, January 22. and all that could have been CD/DVD/VHS documents the band?s bomb-diggity Fragility v2.0 concert tour, which was voted "Best Tour (2000)" by Highlights For Children magazine. The live CD was produced by Trent Reznor and features the obligatory NIN songs "Head Like A Hole", "Wish", "Closer", "Starfuckers, Inc.", and "Hurt", along with some other songs too. Described by Meathead as "pretty cool, except for the fact that those screen things kept fucking up", the tour sold out in 43 U.S. cities and even stopped in Canada a couple times.

and all that could have been is available in the following configurations: CD; Deluxe audio package with the live concert CD and the still CD in special packaging; Super Deluxe audio package with the live concert CD, the still CD and some cool nine inch nails hologram trading cards in special packaging; Super Dooper Deluxe audio package with the live concert CD, the still CD, the cool trading cards, and a used copy of the popular Nintendo game Double Dragon II in special packaging; still CD (available via or as part of the Deluxe audio package); DVD (both Dolby 5.1 and DTS formats are available just to confuse you); and VHS for you losers who refuse to get with the times already.

still, a special 9-song companion CD, will be available for purchase via nine inch nails? website and in stores as part of the deluxe audio package, Super Deluxe audio package and Super Dooper Deluxe audio package. still features four NIN favorites (you'd better like them) recorded live using pots and pans and a tape recorder, one new vocal track "and all that could have been", and four new songs that Trent forgot to sing on. In his review of the still CD, Rolling Stone's Anthony DeCurtis comments, "...persuasive proof, if any is even needed at this point, that Trent Reznor still exists."

The and all that could have been DVD/VHS, produced by Reznor with Rob Sheridan watching, contains eighteen songs which recreate the Fragility concert experience (minus the constant kicks to the groin) from beginning to end, using video footage collected over the course of the entire U.S. tour. The DVD/VHS was shot, edited and produced digitally, using Apple hardware and software. In reviewing the live CD and DVD, Jason Pettigrew of Alternative Press magazine states, "With this live disc (and corresponding DVD), Nine Inch Nails have arrived at that elusive point where bands release live discs and corresponding DVD's." The tour featured ground-breaking visuals created by such innovators as lighting programmer Leroy Bennett (NIN, The Cure, Prince), lighting set designer Marc Brickman (Pink Floyd, Springsteen), and internationally renowned video artist Bill Viola, while the live sound was handled by Jon Lemmon (The Cure, Depeche Mode). Just pretend like you know who those people are.

The DVD edition features blurry pictures, audio, video, and the option of volume control. The DVD will be available in both DTS and Dolby digital 5.1 formats depending on your level of anal-retentiveness.

For more information on the project, visit the band's web site at To download an image, go to: To read a bunch of falsified information about nine inch nails written by some sarcastic bastard, go to:

Now I know a lot of you out there are a little confused about the different types of packaging for the CD. Fortunately, Uncle Meathead is here to explain everything for you.

Many fans seem to be unclear regarding the CD packaging and the Still CD. Even though it's already been explained over there at, I'll explain it here too in order to take up space.

The live CD will be available as a single CD and a "deluxe" CD package in which the second disc is the special Still CD. The "deluxe" CD will be available only for a limited time, although the special Still CD can still be ordered via the official Nine Inch Nails website as long as you retain the receipt from your purchase of the single CD (not the "deluxe" CD) from either Radio Shack or Best Buy (if the CD was purchased from Sam Goody, call the Nothing Records office for a detailed, 36-page explanation of the procedure for acquiring the special Still CD). If the single CD was purchased from Radio Shack prior to March 14, 2002, you must mail your receipt and a copy of a government-issued photo ID (if you live in the continental U.S.) to the Nothing Records office in New York. However, if the single CD was purchased from Best Buy (or in some cases, Circuit City) before March 14, 2002 or after April 10, 2002, you need only send your receipt to the Nothing Records office in Los Angeles; no photo ID is required, although your Social Security number is required if you are over the age of 23. If you live outside the continental U.S. (but not in Nova Scotia), send the cellophane wrapper and a photocopy of your receipt (do NOT send the original receipt) from the single CD (not the "deluxe" CD) in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Nothing Records office in New Orleans. Upon completing these simple requirements, you will then be eligible to receive the special Still CD, and you will receive a letter of notification from Trent Reznor. Return a photocopy of this letter, signed and initialed in triplicate by you and your nearest living relative, with a 500-word essay on why "Deep" is the best song written by any musician in the last 20 years. If you have any questions regarding these procedures, type these questions (double-spaced in 12-point Helvetica font) on an 8?"x11" sheet of paper and fax it to the Nothing Records office in New York at any time between 1:20 and 3:15 p.m. on the first Friday of every other month. Don't forget the cover sheet!

Another thing that some of you losers have been wondering about is the special features on the DVD (I like to call them "bells and whistles"). Apparently there's some guy named Bill talking about some video crap or whatever, and a photo gallery. Sure, there aren't many bonus features right up front, but trust me, there's plenty of stuff hidden in there for you to waste away hours of your life trying to find. Here's a few of these little gems that I've found so far:

English/French/Spanish Subtitles
I'm not sure why they didn't just offer this as a regular bonus feature instead of burying it way down where nobody can find it, but like all half-decent DVD's, this one has an option for subtitles in English, French and Spanish. The Fragility 2.0 tour was sorely hampered by its lack of subtitles, so it's really nice to finally be able to read Trent's lyrics in French while he sings them.

Trent's Pizza Photo Gallery
I had been hoping for this feature, and it was a huge relief to see that they added a photo gallery of the wide array of pizzas consumed by Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan during the production of the DVD. This is a bonus I wish all DVD's would have. Hopefully this will set a precedent for other DVD's in the future.

Embarrassing Karaoke Videos
While some people were complaining about the lack of any of Nine Inch Nails' music videos included within the DVD, I was personally crossing my fingers for some embarrassing videos of Trent singing at a karaoke bar at 2 in the morning. You can imagine my delight when I found out that there were in fact such videos included! At last we can hear Trent drunkenly sing "Eye of the Tiger by Survivor and "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears. What a fitting way to wave goodbye to the Fragile era of Nine Inch Nails!

Once the DVD is released on the alleged date of January 22, I will post a "comprehensive" review of it right here! In the meantime, go away, you're bothering me.

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