May 31, 2000
Pop Quiz

As you may or may not know, Monday was Memorial Day. Unless you live in Canada, then it was Victoria Day... in which case, uh.. I don't really know what to say about that. But for us Americans, I decided to do something a little "special" this week and help refresh your memories on important facts regarding our favorite band in the whole wide world.

Just answer the following multiple-choice questions, and then check the answers at the bottom to see how well you did. Come on, people, it's not that hard to figure out.


1. What is Trent Reznor's first name?
A) Trent
B) Frank
C) Mohammed
D) Jesus
E) Archie

2. Where was Trent Reznor born?
A) Idaho
B) Mayberry
C) Baghdad
D) The ice planet Hoth
E) Wal-Mart

3. What's the name of Nine Inch Nails' first album?
A) Industrial Nation
B) Licensed to Ill
C) It's Time for TRENT!
D) Oops!...I Did It Again
E) The Fragile

4. Why does Trent Reznor live in New Orleans?
A) Gets inspiration from large flying cockroaches
B) Nice place to go where his heavy Southern drawl won't make him stick out
C) Wanted to know what it's like to have the blues
D) Hiding from Billy Corgan
E) Always got beat up for trying to ride his bike around in Cleveland

5. How come the nah-nah's in "The Day The World Went Away" are included in the printed lyrics, while the nah-nah's in "Down In It" were not?
A) Because Jesus wants it that way
B) Trent suggested as a joke that they print the nah-nah's, didn't think they'd actually do it
C) Trying to hint that TDTWWA is a great campfire song
D) Thought they all would laugh at him if he did it in 1989
E) Clued in to the fact that "the chicks dig the nah-nah's"

6. What is Trent Reznor's relation to Marilyn Manson?
A) Both were original Saturday Night Live cast members
B) They were raised by wolves
C) Neither of them recycle
D) They were both on the high school lacrosse team
E) Both are devout Catholics

7. What nickname does Trent Reznor use while visiting chat rooms?
A) ~NiN*FrEek*666~
B) 2fragile4u
C) GhostFaceKilla_wu1
D) MrBigShot
E) meathead_

8. Trent Reznor created the soundtrack for what popular video game?
A) Super Mario Kart
B) Maniac Mansion
C) Leisure Suit Larry 5
D) True Golf Classics: Pebble Beach Golf Links
E) Where In The Fuck Is Carmen Sandiego?

9. If Trent Reznor hadn't become a big famous rock star, what would his current job be?
A) Used car salesman
B) Sidekick on Late Night with Conan O'Brien
C) Roadie for Pantera
D) Stand-up comedian
E) AOL Tech Support rep

10. The Nine Inch Nails song "Sanctified" contains a sample from what movie?
A) Return of the Jedi
B) Caddyshack
C) Shaft
D) Gone With the Wind
E) Doug's First Movie

11. What's the best track on Further Down the Spiral (Halo 10)?
A) The Art of Self Destruction, Part One
B) At the Heart of It All
C) Ruiner (Version)
D) Eraser (Polite)
E) Bennie and the Jets

12. Why was the original video for "March of the Pigs" never released?
A) Chris Vrenna accidentally taped over it with a Get Smart marathon
B) Trent decided that claymation just doesn't represent NIN the way he wants
C) Trent's pants weren't shiny enough in the original video
D) It got swiped by the people at Hard Copy
E) Forgot to actually make an original video

13. Trent Reznor's father is a(n) ____________.
A) architect
B) racecar driver
C) Hungarian adult film star
D) spy
E) damn hippie

Bond. James Bond.

14. What's so disturbing about the Broken movie?
A) It's eerily similar to those old home movies with Uncle Phil
B) Not "Guaranteed To Be There" at Blockbuster Video
C) The picture quality is just dreadful
D) It has lots of loud, scary music in it
E) Reveals source of meat used at Taco Bell

15. How did Jerome Dillon get recruited as NIN's new drummer?
A) Was found standing on a highway median holding "Will Drum For NIN For Food" sign
B) Won the job in the Monopoly game at McDonald's
C) Is actually a machine built by Trent Reznor, Keith Hillebrandt and Charlie Clouser
D) Proved that he can drink Trent under the table
E) Don Rickles is just too old for touring these days

16. What had to be cut from the "Down In It" video before it could be shown on MTV?
A) The band high-fiving each other at the end
B) A gratuitous mud wrestling scene
C) Richard Patrick
D) Trent Reznor tweaking his nipples
E) 80's hair

17. What is the perfect drug?
A) Tylenol Allergy Sinus
B) Dramamine
C) Claritin
D) Robitussin DM
E) Beer

18. What is the "Tapeworm" project?
A) Trent Reznor's long-awaited collaboration with Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
B) A great big lie
C) A new tantalizing fragrance from Calvin Klein
D) A new comedy starring Christopher Lloyd and Jon Lovitz
E) Codename for Trent Reznor's secret plot to assassinate Meathead

19. What is the name of the current Nine Inch Nails tour?
A) "I'm Looking Forward to Touring Europe Again, Finally"
B) "Screw You, We're Not Playing 'The Way Out Is Through' 2000"
C) "Starfuckity v2.0"
D) "NIN Smackdown"
E) "Hate 1990"

20. ESSAY QUESTION What NIN song means the most to you, and why?

Now that you've answered all of the questions (if you haven't, get your ass back up there and answer them), let's see how badly you did! Compare your answers with the correct answers below. I may not find out if you decide to cheat, but you'll be forced to live with it for the rest of your life if you do.


1. - B
2. - B
3. - E
4. - C
5. - A
6. - D
7. - B
8. - B
9. - A
10. - C
11. - D
12. - B
13. - C
14. - E
15. - E
16. - B
17. - A
18. - E
19. - B
20. - "Complication" makes me wanna shake my booty.

SCORING Add up the number of questions you answered correctly and multiply by five to determine your score. Once you know your score, see below to find out where you stand in NIN fandom.

0-10 Points

11-20 Points

21-30 Points

31-40 Points

41-50 Points

51-60 Points

61-70 Points

71-80 Points

81-90 Points

91-100 Points

Complete Failure


Trent hates you


Limp Bizkit fan

Could be worse

Whoopee, you passed

Worthy of some respect

One of the chosen ones


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