May 17, 2000
What's The Deal With Keith?

Well, I'm kinda out of ideas for this week. I sat around for hours trying to come up with something funny, or at least mildly entertaining for today's Perspective, but I kept hitting a brick wall. I guess there's just nothing going on right now that's worth mentioning. So, instead of making something worth reading, I decided to just bastardize a picture of Keith Hillebrandt. Yay!

This is what Keith would look like wearing make-up. Isn't that cool? I think that's very funny. Ha ha ha ha ha. Look at him, he looks like a girl. Ha ha ha ha ha.

This is what Keith would look like if he was John Shaft. That would be funny to see him go around pretending to be Shaft. I bet he could even remix the theme song! Yay!

This is what Keith would look like if he somehow mutated into David Letterman! Ha ha ha ha! I thought about using Jay Leno instead but David Letterman is funnier! Ha ha ha ha!

And hey, what if he

Transfer interrupted!

Oh. Waaaaaaaaait a minute. I think today is a certain somebody's BIG SPECIAL DAY!!!
(You didn't really think I forgot, did you?)

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