May 10, 2000
Star... What?

Oh my God! On May 2, Nine Inch Nails released a new video! The video for "Starsuckers, Inc." is one of the most controversial things to be broadcasted over the airwaves since that "Who Wants To Be An Expensive Hooker On National TV?" (or whatever it was called) show.

Part of my "job" with the Meathead Perspective is to mock and ridicule everything that Trent Reznor does (well, okay, actually that's all of my job). So therefore, I must now take on the responsibility of reviewing this new Nine Inch Nails video. I hope you all understand, and aren't too frightened and/or confused. If you are... seek help. Please.

There have been a lot of mixed reactions to this video, as well as the previous two videos from The Fragile. Personally, I think this is the best out of the three (once you get past the annoying censorship... damn the man!).

When the video first started, I thought someone had fucked up and put in David Lynch's Lost Highway by mistake. Apparently the video was made this way purposely just so I could point that out here on the Meathead Perspective.

We're then treated to a shot of a dusty black stretch limo (although we never do get to see if the driver is in fact Bill Pullman).

Now we discover that the limousine is occupied by (surprise!) Trent Reznor, who for some reason now has long hair again, and is accompanied by a date who is clearly strung out on some type of drug(s). While his friend squirms uncontrollably in the seat, Trent proves once again that he is the Lord of Scary Faces.

Trent decides to take his date to a quaint little trailer park/carnival in the middle of nowhere. Obviously, Reznor settles for nothing short of the best for his women. The car comes to a stop and they exit, but not without bringing along a video camera. Oooh!

Trent immediately begins to run around and film anything and everything in sight, including himself. This causes one of the friendly locals to emerge from his trailer and greet the visitors.

After throwing a handful of cash at the one-armed local, Trent proceeds to play a fun game (this must be that "Insincerity" game he mentioned earlier) that involves throwing baseballs at plates decorated with images of some of today's popular musicians. There are also some plaster sculptures that manage to become obliterated as well. I guess those are worth more points, or something.

This carnival also features the ever-popular "Toss CD's Into the Crapper" game.

Surprisingly, Courtney Love makes an appearance in this video, sitting atop a dunk tank. She looks a little healthier than usual here, although still doesn't quite make it to the "sexy" mark. Apparently Trent has some sort of beef with her, because he opts to throw his last baseball at the tank in order to make her plunge into the water. This water just so happens to be polluted with "waste", which I assume means urine.

Trent finally decides that he's had enough fun for one evening (either that, or he's just out of money), so he and his date return to the limo and speed off into the night. It is then, AND ONLY THEN, that we are informed of who Trent's date really is. Get your vomit bags ready!

Yes, you guessed it! It's Marilyn Manson! Woohoo! How about that.

If you're feeling confused and alienated now after seeing this, don't worry. There are others out there who feel the same way. But I have a technique that I find helps relieve these symptoms. Sit back, take a deep breath, and don't fucking worry about it. That works for me, anyway.

I hope you've enjoyed my review of the new NIN video. If not, go back and read it again until you do enjoy it (sometimes it takes a little while). Have a nice day, and stay tuned for something a little special next week.

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