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| 18 march 1998 |
lolla nada
from ntv news: Ozzfest, Lollapalooza Line-ups Close To Complete

The line-up for Ozzfest won't officially be announced until later this week, but Performance magazine is reporting that Tool and Megadeth have been confirmed for the 1998 tour.

Meanwhile, media sources including Performance and the L.A. Times are reporting that Lollapalooza is negotiating deals with Green Day (who is also rumored to be negotiating a tour with Weezer), Garbage and Scott Weiland. The Cure is also reportedly under discussion, and there's been talk of the surviving members of Sublime joining the tour, although that band is thought to have died along with late singer Brad Newell. The survivors have said they will not be replacing him.

This year, it appears that at least six headliners have rejected Lolla offers, including Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, the latter two because neither act could guarantee their albums would be finished in time. Manson's manager Tony Ciulla told the L.A. Times that the problem was timing: his client couldn't take a chance and commit to touring. Sources close to Trent Reznor say that the latest Nine Inch Nails project is nowhere near being prepared to support a tour as early as the summer.

Ozzfest, organized by headliner Ozzy Osbourne, was one of the top two grossing festival tours of 1997. It will again feature Ozzy's own band as well as a reunion set from his old Black Sabbath alumni.

Lollapalooza didn't fare all that well last year; despite featured acts Tool, Prodigy, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tricky, Korn and others. <thanks k_ring@unity.ncsu.edu kevin>

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yahoo chat
on monday yahoo hosted a chat with some "insiders in the industry". not much new was said, but excerpts are over at sls news. <thanks a0027457@airmail.net jake>
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vrenna's work
in james iha's (smashing pumpkins) debut solo album, vrenna or "podboy" is noted in the liner notes as "additional post producer". <thanks dhageman@swbell.net chris>
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nothing network
a group of webmasters have grouped together to form the nothing network: Wednesday, March 11, 1998, marked the launch of 'The nothing Network', a huge new collaboration of sites for bands on and related to the label nothing Records. The main page of The nothing Network is a huge center of resources for everything you need to know about the bands signed to nothing Records. It also features up to the minute news that can be updated by all members of The nothing Network.

In addition to the main site, there are also many specialized sites on The nothing Network, each run by different members. Each site will have its own unique look, but will retain elements from the main site to allow visitors to know, instantly, that the page is a part of The nothing Network, and that it has met the high standards required to be a part of this collaboration.

Each site on the network will specialize in a certain area not covered by the other sites on the network. For example, one site deals primarily with independent remixes, while another site on the network has the unique approach of creating a virtual world for Nine Inch Nails in which visitors can become citizens. There will be no sites on the network that attempt to "do it all", as pages like that are rarely able to devote an appropriate amount of attention to each area required to make a complete site.

You can find The nothing Network at http://nothingnetwork.home.ml.org. <thanks chainsaw@hotmail.com chainsaw>

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gnr news
from rollingstone.com: Axl Rose takes his time

Fools rush in. Axl takes his sweet time. According to Guns N' Roses manager Doug Goldstein, Axl Rose is currently ensconced in a Los Angeles studio, working on material for the long-awaited G n' R follow-up to 1991's Use Your Illusion I and II. Rose is writing and jamming with keyboardist Dizzy Reed, guitarist and longtime Rose collaborator Paul Huge, and ex-Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck, who has become a full-time member of the band. Goldstein told Rolling Stone that they have recorded more than 300 hours' worth of material, and "they each take a CD home, listen for cool parts, pick them out, and that's how they build songs." He estimates that Axl and Co. are "three to five months away from actual recording" but says not to expect a record until 1999. Four producers are being considered for the project -- which Goldstein describes as an "updated nineties-rock sound with a little more technology thrown in" -- including Scott Litt (R.E.M.), Steve Lillywhite(U2), Mark Bell (Bjork) and Youth (the Verve). Rumored producer Moby took himself out of the running last year to focus on his own work. "It was a very hard decision to make," Moby says. "The music they're working on is really wonderful." Goldstein says that Rose would still love to have Moby hear the G n' R material and offer his insights. So why the hell has it taken so long to get to this point? "Slash and Axl really thought they could work out their differences," says Goldstein. "They tried for a couple of years to see if they could agree creatively. Once it became clear that they couldn't, we then had to assemble people who could." As for bassist Duff McKagan, Goldstein reports that the G n' R bass slot will be held open until McKagan -- who's recently become a father -- decides on his future plans. "The jury is still out on [drummer] Matt Sorum," Goldstein admits, adding that Axl has tried out different drummers. . . . <thanks cameronm@compcom.com.au cameron>

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according to several sources, trent is doing a cover of "personal jesus" on the upcoming depeche mode tribute album. not confirmed. this page gives the tracklist: For The Masses: A Tribute to Depeche Mode

Smashing Pumpkins - Never Let Me down Again
Failure - Enjoy The Silence
Monster Magnet - Black Celebration
Self - Shame
Gus Gus - Monument
Hooverphonic - Shake the Disease
Dishwalla - Policy of Truth
Deftones - To Have and To Hold
God Lives Underwater - Fly On The Windscreen
Locust - Master & Servant
Blue Collar Underworld - Waiting for the Night
The Cure - World In My Eyes -- added 4 Feb 98
Trent Reznor - Personal Jesus

other artists:
Apollo 440

other possible artists:
rhymes with miss Monroe & Charlie - People are People
<thanks Ew1977@aol.com eric>

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manson lawsuit
from south fla's city link: THE MANSON KILLING

Former Marilyn Manson guitarist Scott Putesky has found suing an Anti christ Superstar isn't nearly easy as creating one

ON THE LAWSUIT During the six years Putesky was in the band , Marilyn Manson made three albums - one of which went gold , while another went platinum .Though ( Brian ) Warner's atorneys have refused to offer a full accounting of all the money that was raked in when Putesky was in the band , his attorney says he can do simple math . " We know there were 5 million albums sold , " attorney Richard Wolfe says. " Theres $1.10 royalty paid on each record sold so that comes out to about 5 million." While not all that money goes to the band , a sizeable chunk - at least 3 million does , Wolfe says . And even if thats divided 5 ways that means Putesky is owed more than $300,000 in record royalties alone . That doesn't include other royalties he's due for writing the music , going on tour and allowing his image to be used on merchandise that adorns the bodies and bedrooms of millions of chalk faced black lipped teens from Ft . Lauderdale to Fargo and points beyond " Marilyn Manson fashions himself as a devil worshiper . Well , hes not . " Wolfe says . " Hes the ultimate capitalist . " For nearly a year after he left the band , Scott tried to contact Warner to set up a band meeting , get back some of the equpment he left behind and talk about how to divide up the money the group made . When Warner repeatedly refused his calls he had no choice but to go to court . " I got fed up and the next step obviously was to sue , " Putesky says . " I'm not asking for any of his money , I just want mine . " Check out Scott's latest release ( Vanishing Century ) by his new group THREE TON GATE at: http://www.spookykids.com/threetongate <thanks CEM1138@aol.com cem>

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two is out in stores, and have a homepage here. <thanks george@disbelief.com george>
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reports are that there is another licencee for nothing -- plaid, two guys formerly from the black dog. licence is from warp, probably a re-release of "not for threes". <thanks edwin_wong@kiwi.com edwin>
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josh wink
one reader has said that trent will be guesting on josh wink's new album: Yo, it's official! I just got an e-mail from Columbia records about Wink's new record, "HereHear", which is coming out in June. It says that it will feature guest vocals by Trent Reznor! Now, if I can only get my hands on advance copy of this disc! Anyway, if anyone out there doesn't know what Wink sounds like, get a copy of his "Are You There..." cd single and it'll give you an idea of where he's coming from. He's into drum n' bass but experiments with trance too. Also, he's got two tracks available on the Ovum Records sampler which is probably easier to get (I had to special order my copy of the "Are You There..." single.). That's it! <thanks davet@bgnet.bgsu.edu Dave>
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french dttw
dead to the world (marilyn manson video compilation) is available in france now, in a special french version. (there's also a french version of this page, for all interested, made by the submitters of this news). <thanks ninjaw@writeme.com ninjaw>
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