nine inch nails - the downward spiral: live

recorded, edited, produced and released by nine inch nails fans with no affiliation with nine inch nails or webster hall

Take home the best concert film of the year - this one's on us.

This project was made possible through the efforts of fans in the Nine Inch Nails community, channeled through ThisOneIsOnUs, The NIN Hotline and Echoing the Sound.

Background photo credit: Malechite


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nine inch nails live:

robin finck, justin meldal-johnsen, trent reznor, ilan rubin

executive producers:

pier-philippe de chevigny le blanc, shreena soomarah

associate producer:

matthew dunphy

editing and dvd production:

pier-philippe de chevigny le blanc

editing consultants:

nick eades, dave oberdoester

camera operators:

5000dimensions, booger582, hippygeek, efreitag, grant (hermitcrab, haldemir, keith haskel, alfred hess, mavix, mylifesoncopy, otnavuskire, plaguedog32, screamingslave, sheikah, syndrummer, tianal85, this1swrong

footage distribution:

jorge proana chiriboga

audio mix/mastering:

aaron short

audio sources:

screamingslave, ninslave

audio coordination:

ryan jonik

color correction:

joel lehmann


matt dunphy for theninhotline.net

clive holloway for thisoneisonus.org

photo gallery credits

alfred hess, maryelle st. clare, tricil, otnavuskire

special thanks to: echoingthesound.org, nin.com, theninhotline.net, googledocs, alexandra dupre

filmed at webster hall, new york city on august 23rd, 2009

refer to original liner notes for song credits

background photo on this page courtesy Malechite of the NIN Wiki

nine inch nails - the downward spiral: live

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What versions are currently available ?

  1. Standard, single layer DVD - Torrent available here
    VIDEO_TS folder that needs to be burned with your favourite DVD software (we recommand Toast on Mac, Nero on PC). If you need more help, both this ETS thread and Google will be of great help to you.
    The DVD contains the full performance, animated menus, a short photo gallery as well as six different DVD covers for you to choose from.
  2. iPod/iPhone MP4
    A 640 x 360 MP4 formated for your iPods. Total file is 736.41 MB and is hosted right here on MegaUpload.
  3. 720p HD YouTube Stream
    The full show is available at the ThisOneIsOnUs official YouTube channel. Watch it using this playlist, which we've also embedded on this page.
  4. 720p M4V Download
    We've made available an HD version of the video in M4V format, which is playable in iTunes/Quicktime, on Playstation 3 (firmware revision 3.01 or higher), and Xbox360.

Will there by a Blu-Ray version?

There are currently no plans to author a Blu-Ray version due to the overall quality of the source footage. While most of the footage is HD, a lot of it is also in Standard Definition, thus making an HD version would diminish the quality. However, like previous ThisOneIsOnUs releases, the feature was edited in Full HD, making it possible for us to author a Blu-Ray, should someone manifest interest to do the job.

Why is this thing out so soon, whilst "Another Version Of The Truth", almost a year later, still hasn't been released?

There are two major reasons. The first one, is obviously because TDS: Live is a MUCH shorter feature... The full 3 discs version of AVOTT will run for overs six hours... This one clocks in just past 60 minutes. Also, we had much fewer angles to work with this time around... We received about 11 sources for this project whilst on The Gift, we had 17 angles, and on Vegas, around 40 sources were received.
Secondly, AVOTT has a HUGE post-production team. Around 30 people, each working on a seperate task. Making it all happen and having to deal with everybody's lifes, computer crashes, jobs, (and yes) laziness is basically the main reason why it has been pushed back for so long. On this release though, only three people were involved in the actual post-production process. Aaron Short mixed/mastered the audio, JoŽl Lehmann color corrected it the video. I edited the video, authored the DVD, prepared distribution. Much easier to deal with, even though the job is much more demanding.

The images are blurry/shaky/shitty... There's a guy screaming in my left ear...

You are right. Remember this is a fan-shot project. What surprises me is how well it still all holds together... Keep in mind that everybody filming the project weren't necessarily filming specifically for the purpose of an edited DVD. The tapers are all unexperienced cameramen AND over-excited fans witnessing their favourite band playing its most critically acclaimed/commercially successful album from beginning to end, for the first time ever. The fact that we still managed to get this much footage for the whole show is surprising and says a lot about NIN fans commitment...

As for the audio... It was matrixed by Aaron Short using two sources (ScreamingSlave and NINSlave's recordings). He did the best mix possible with what we had. Should a better source ever pop up (say, like a soundboard feed) we'll most likely release a second version. However, don't hold your breath : it's not happening anytime soon.

Can I get a physical copy?

No plans either for us to create and distribute physical copies, However, you're welcome to print your own using one of the included cover arts... or any other. If anyone wants to organize a physical distribution, be sure to post about it on the ETS discussion thread. If anyone ever spots some asshole selling it for profit though, be sure to contact us so we can put a price on his head.

Who can I contact about the project?

Press inquiries can be directed to Pier-Philippe de Chevigny Le Blanc via email or at twitter.com/ash512.

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