This page came into existence because I bought a DR-110 with schematics in 1999 and had the desire to modify Roland's final analog drum machine, but didn't have the know-how. In the years since, you can find those schematic scans all around the web, and many people have posted modification ideas, and many more have modified their DR-110s.

Before posting those schematics, it wasn't unusual to see Boss DR-110s sell for $50 and under. For better or for worse, those days are long gone. Consider this page a really big supplement to the manual - there's really more than you'd ever want to know about the DR-110 here.

A Boss DR-110 with all the accessories.

DR-110 Schematics

Click here to download the complete original DR-110 Schematics

SCHEMATICS ARE GIF IMAGES in ZIP FORMAT. They have been photographed and scanned directly from the official Roland service manual.

Please, if you download these schematics and perform even a modest modification, at least let me know. This zip includes the schematics, waveform diagrams, the parts list, disassembly instructions. Download, modify, spread the word.

Spec Sheet

Transcribed from the Boss DR-110 Manual


(Pattern Programming)

  1. Connect an amplifier or headphones to the output of your DR-110.
  2. Turn the POWER on and set the VOLUME to a little under half.
  3. Turn TEMPO, BALANCE, and ACCENT to their mid-points. In the beginning, you may wish to set the TEMPO slower. The second line is a good place to start.
  4. Hold SHIFT button down and press button 4. STEP WRITE will appear in the lower right hand box of the LCD screen. This tells the DR-110 you are going to write a rhythm.
  5. Press BANK SELECTOR button (A|B|C|D) to A. A will appear under BANK (lower middle box of screen). If B appears, press button again for A.
  6. Press button 1. 1 will appear on the screen under RHYTHM. This tells the DR-110 you are going to store the beat in SELECTOR 1.
  7. Hold SHIFT button down and press 7 (under PATTERN CLEAR). This will erase anything previously stored in SELECTOR 1.
  8. Hold SHIFT button down and press 6 (12/16). You will see a little arrow at the top of the graph on your screen. The arrow will alternate between 12 and 16. Press 6 until the arrow is above 16. This tells the memory that you are writting a pattern with 4 beats in each measure and that each beat is divided in 4 parts for a total of 16. Since the procedure for preparing the DR. RHYTHM is always the same, the sooner you memorize this procedure, the more fun you'll have.


Select the instrument that you are going to enter by pressing the corresponding button. For example, the Closed Hi-Hat. Press the C. HIHAT button and on the screen you will see a flashing black dot on the C. HIHAT line. (note: Dot flashes at tempo machine is set at)

When you press the Start Button, a solid dot will appear. When you press the STOP key, the flashing dot will move to the next position. Each dot entered will indicate a note.


  1. Make sure that Rhythm is not playing.
  2. While holding the SHIFT Key down, press the button numbered 3. (Now the DR-110 is in the SONG WRITE mode.)
  3. Select either Song number I or II. (While holding the SHIFT Key down, press the BANK Selector Burron, and the number changes I and II alternately each time it is pressed)
  4. While holding the SHIFT Key down, press the button numbered 8. (Now the first measure of the Song is ready to start to play.)
  5. Press the START Key. (Rhythm will start playing)
  6. Select the Rhythm Pattern you wish to write into the first measure (The selected Rhythm Pattern is now shown in the Display and plays)
  7. Press the ENTER key (O HIHAT). (Now the selected Rhythm Pattern is written into the first measure, and it will move to the second measure)
  8. Select the Rhythm Pattern to be written into the second measure.
  9. Press the ENTER Key. (The selected Rhythm Pattern is written into the second measure and it moves to the third measure.)
    • Likewise, keep writing up to the measures just before the final one.
    • If you are to write the same Rhythm Pattern as the one before, just pressing the ENTER key will be sufficient.
  10. Select the Rhythm Pattern for the last measure.
  11. Press the D.C. (C. HIHAT) (Now D.C. [da capo] is set to the final measure.)
  12. Press the ENTER key. (The selected Rhythm Pattern is now written into the final measure, and it moves to the next measure.)
  13. Press the STOP Key. Now try playing the Rhythm.

Samples and Audio

Javascript DR-110 emulator This is where you should be able to download samples from the Boss DR-110, and samples of the DR-110 in action. Until I get those samples, however, this text is all that is on this page. The samples will likely be sourced from the same place everyone else gets them, the archives at