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Oscar winner Reznor makes his Mercer hometown proud

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - 2011-03-01

Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross Win Academy Award For 'The Social Network'

Billboard - 2011-02-27

Nine Inch Nails releasing remastered, expanded edition of Pretty Hate Machine

The Onion AV Club - 2010-10-25

Trent Reznor Preps 'Pretty Hate Machine' Reissue

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Justin Timberlake and David Fincher on Trent Reznor's 'Social Network' score

EW.com Music Mix - 2010-09-30

Trent Reznor Talks Scoring 'The Social Network,' Oversharing

Billboard - 2010-09-28

Trent Reznor releases soundtrack to 'The Social Network'

The Independent - 2010-09-17

Trent Reznor fans demand apology from Liz Cheney

Leviathant's Inbox - 2009-11-08

Samples of Your Emails to Keep America Safe

Emails to Keep America Safe - 2009-10-26

Tap Tap Revenge: Nine Inch Nails

The NIN Hotline - 2008-11-11

New Nine Inch Nails Album Hits The Web

Billboard Magazine - 2008-03-02

Universal's Lawsuit Against MySpace Results In Mashup Site Being KO'd

MediaPost Publications - 2007-11-23

Lawyers Get Stupid Over NIN Remix Site

Aversion - 2007-11-21

Universal Bans Fans From Cool Things

Blend Music - 2007-11-20

Legal Wrangling Puts NIN Remix Site On Hold

Billboard Magazine - 2007-11-20

When rockers cut ties from labels

ZDNet News - 2007-11-02

Nails frontman urges fans to steal music

Wauchope Gazette - 2007-09-18

Nine Inch Nails frontman challenges Universal Music's price

BloggingStocks - 2007-05-17

Nine Inch Nails

Rolling Stone - 2007-05-14

Trent Reznor: 'No wonder people steal music'

Zero Paid - 2007-05-14


Rolling Stone - 2007-04-19

Thank God For Trent Reznor

The Torontoist - 2007-04-19

Nine Inch Nails So Much More Than Music

The Post Chronicle - 2007-04-19

Zero Countdown

New York Post - 2007-04-17

New Releases: Nine Inch Nails, Avril

VH1 - 2007-04-17

Pretty marketing machine

Associated Press - 2007-04-17

Untangling Year Zero's tangled web

Diamondback Online - 2007-04-16

Ninety Feet, Nine Inches, Year Zero (THIS ARTICLE IS A PARODY)

Chicago Sun-Times - 2007-04-13

Marketing Music

Flagler College Gargoyle - 2007-04-09

Technology Never Stalls

The Current - 2007-04-09

The Cryptic Keeper

E-Gear - 2007-04-05

RIAA goes after Nine Inch Nails fans

The Rock Radio Online - 2007-04-04

RIAA Goes After NINE INCH NAILS Fans Over Deliberate Leak

Blabbermouth.net - 2007-04-03

Sony's Secret Weapon Against HD DVD: 20GB

Daily Tech - 2007-04-03

Cryptic Web sites build buzz for Nine Inch Nails

CNN - 2007-04-02

Cryptic campaign boosts new Nine Inch Nails album

CBC.CA - 2007-04-02

Nine Inch Nails Spreads Virally

iMedia Connection - 2007-04-02

Follow the trail to Nine Inch Nails

Bismarck Tribune - 2007-03-30

Full Breakdown Of Nine Inch Nails Year Zero "Web Story"

411mania.com - 2007-03-30

Stars compose new ways to use music

The Guardian - 2007-03-29

Adlib arms Nine Inch Nails with JBL

L&Si Online - 2007-03-29

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty PR Machine

STV.com - 2007-03-26

Out with Barney, in with Nine Inch Nails

The Oregonian - 2007-03-24

Nine Inch Nails viral farce

p2pnet.net - 2007-03-22

'Year Zero' Not NINE INCH NAILS' First Attempt At Concept Album

Blabbermouth.net - 2007-03-21

NIN - The End of the World Or Incredible Marketing?

Online Spin - 2007-03-21


The New Yorker - 2007-03-19

Further down the spiral

Salon.com - 2007-03-16

Nine Inch Nails 'Survivalism' offered for GarageBand

Macworld - 2007-03-15

Year Zero Project: Fahrenheit NIN

Rolling Stone - 2007-02-28

Rock and Roll Daily

Rolling Stone - 2007-02-26

“Year Zero” Project = Way Cooler Than “Lost”

Rolling Stone - 2007-02-22

Nine Inch Nails Released in Hi-Def

Home Media Magazine - 2007-01-29

Trent Reznor Reveals Album Details that Might Make you Want to Kill Yourself

Dose.ca - 2007-01-18

Nine Inch Nails Get Apocalyptic On New Record

Gigwise.com - 2007-01-12

Nine Inch Nails' Year Almost Here, But Real-World Game Continues

MTV - 2007-01-01

NIN rocking out both HD DVD and Blu-ray

EngadgetHD.com - 2006-09-26

Eight shades of Nine

Lexington Herald Leader - 2006-02-24

Nine Inch Nails' 'With Teeth' tour comes to Champaign

Herald & Review - 2006-02-09

The NIN Hotline v4 Roadmap

The NIN Hotline - 2006-01-01

Production Profile: Nine Inch Nails

Projection, Lights and Staging News - 2005-12-08

The Trent Reznor prize for tricky embedding

Language Log - 2005-11-03

With Teeth chart and sales info through October

Soundscan - 2005-11-02

october 1, 2005...

JeromeDillon.net - 2005-10-28

Billboard Bits: Nine Inch Nails re-release Pretty Hate Machine

Billboard Magazine - 2005-10-27

Katrina Aftermath: Trent Reznor, Juvenile, Better Than Ezra

Spin.com - 2005-09-08

Nine Inch Nails take on scalpers with fan club, auctions

liveDaily - 2005-08-05

An Anti-Scalper Policy With Teeth

Pollstar - 2005-08-05

NIN takes measures to keep out scalpers

The Tribune Chronicle - 2005-07-30

Nine Inch Nails working on new album

Ireland Online - 2005-07-14

New NIN album next year?

Kerrang! - 2005-07-06

Nine Inch Nails win manager fight

BBC News - 2005-06-01

NIN leaves MTV show over Bush image

CNN - 2005-05-30

NIN Wins

Hits Daily Double - 2005-05-27

NIN Bail On MTV Show

Rolling Stone - 2005-05-27

NIN's Reznor: I was duped by manager

CNN - 2005-05-17

Nine Inch Nails star sues manager

BBC News - 2005-05-17

Reznor celebrates ups & downs of 40

Jam! Showbiz - 2005-05-17


New York Post - 2005-05-17

Trent Reznor Bares Teeth In Testimony Against Ex-Manager

MTV - 2005-05-17


Rolling Stone - 2005-04-21

'Hand' on the run

Chart Beat Bonus - 2005-04-01

Listening parties planned for new Nine Inch Nails album

liveDaily - 2005-03-21

Nine Inch Nails--SOLD OUT

Sign On San Diego - 2005-03-18

Desperate for NIN tickets

The Oklahoma Daily Online - 2005-03-05


NME - 2005-02-25

College Radio Grows Up; Nine Inch Nails Returns

The New York Times - 2005-02-07

Storm Brewing in the West

GNN.TV - 2005-01-28

Nine Inch Nails Taps A Perfect Circle For U.S. Tour

MTV - 2000-03-01

Nine Inch Nails Sets Dates For Spring U.S. Tour

MTV - 2000-03-01

Nine Inch Nails Slated For June European Festivals

CDNow All Star Music News - 2000-03-01

Nine Inch Nails Announce Tour Dates

Rolling Stone - 2000-03-01

Nine Inch Nails Announces 'Fragile' Tour

launch.com - 2000-03-01

Nine Inch Nails Announces U.S. Dates

Wall of Sound - 2000-03-01

Reznor's Grand Plan

Hit Parader - 2000-01-01

Charlie Clouser working on Tapeworm more..

CDNow All Star Music News - 2000-01-01

Would the real Trent Reznor please step forward

timeoff.com.au - 2000-01-01

Rock Radio Pumps Up Volume

Sonicnet - 1999-12-02

THE BIZ / CHUCK PHILLIPS : Interscope Emerges as Star Act for Seagram

Source - 1999-12-01

Nine Inch Nails Wraps Tour, Shoots New Video

MTV - 1999-12-01

Nine Inch Nails Hooks Up With MTV For Concert Special, Chat

MV Music Online - 1999-12-01

Everybody's A Music Critic

Suite101.com - 1999-12-01

NIN On The Road Again After Five Years

Suite101.com - 1999-12-01

Atari Teenage Riot Lands Euro Nine Inch Nails Dates

CDNow All Star Music News - 1999-11-01

COMMENTARY: 20 records to define the decade

The Post Ohio U. - 1999-11-01

Nine Inch Nails Opens Rehearsal To Fans

MTV - 1999-11-01

Nine Inch Nails Looking For Female Vocalist For Touring Band

MTV - 1999-11-01

Microsoft Signs Deals With NIN, The Artist

Sonicnet - 1999-11-01

Alternate NIN Video Offered Online

Sonicnet - 1999-11-01

Nine Inch Nails Mix Old and New In UK Dress Rehearsal

Juice.net - 1999-11-01

Nine Inch Nails Asks For Demo Submissions

CDNow All Star Music News - 1999-10-01

Looking For Ms. Goodpipes

Suite101.com - 1999-10-01

Up Close and (Kinda) Personal on the Nin.com Message Boards

Suite101.com - 1999-10-01


Columbus Dispatch - 1999-10-01

NINE INCH NAILS are to play 11 dates in Europe in November and December.

Much 365 - 1999-09-28

Nine Inch Nails Reveal 'Fragile' Tracklisting

Launch.com - 1999-09-03

Nine Inch Nails Performs "The Fragile," Mesmerizes VMA Audience

MTV - 1999-09-01

Fans Try To Grasp Meaning Of New Nine Inch Nails Video

Sonicnet - 1999-09-01

NIN To Kick Off World Tour In Spain

Spin - 1999-09-01

NIN To Launch World Tour In Spain

Sonicnet - 1999-09-01

Nine Inch Nails Line Up European Shows, But States Must Wait

MTV - 1999-09-01

Nine Inch Nails Claim No. 1

Sonicnet - 1999-09-01

Nine Inch Nails Grabs Number One As Streisand, McKnight, Tori Hit Charts

MTV - 1999-09-01

Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile Is Top U.S. Seller

Sonicnet - 1999-09-01

Nine Inch Nails Nail the Top Album Spot

Rolling Stone - 1999-09-01

The Evolution of NIN

Suite101.com - 1999-09-01

Trent Reznor explains the various sequencing of 'The Fragile' formats

nin.com - 1999-09-01

The Man Is Not Keeping NIN Down

unknown - 1999-09-01

Fall To Yield Harvest Of Albums From NIN, ODB, Chris Cornell.

Sonicnet - 1999-09-01

Trent Reznor in Guadalajara

Publi.com - 1999-08-06

NIN Delivering New Single, Video On August 27

MTV - 1999-08-01

Nine Inch Nails Confirmed For 1999 Video Music Awards

CDNow All Star Music News - 1999-08-01

Robin Finck Leaves Guns N' Roses, Rejoins Nine Inch Nails

CDNow All Star Music News - 1999-08-01

Nine Inch Nails Shoot Video In Guadalajara, Mexico

Sonicnet - 1999-08-01

The Downward Spiral (Nothing/Interscope, 1994)

Spin - 1999-08-01

Guitarist Robin Finck Leaves GN'R To Return To NIN

MTV - 1999-08-01

Trent Reznor in Guadalajara

Daily Publico - 1999-08-01

Trent Reznor in Guadalajara 2

Daily Publico - 1999-08-01

Nine Inch Nails, Lauryn Hill, DMX, Kid Rock, Jay-Z Lined Up For VMAs

MTV - 1999-08-01

New Nine Inch Nails Single Surprisingly Upbeat Leader Trent Reznor uncharacteristically warm on 'We're in This Together.'

Sonicnet - 1999-08-01

Judging By Song Titles, Nine Inch Nails Still On Downward Spiral

Sonicnet - 1999-08-01


All Music Guide - 1999-07-28

Robin Finck Leaves Guns n' Roses

Entertainment Weekly - 1999-07-28

Nine Inch Nails Won't Tour This Year

Rolling Stone - 1999-07-21

RIAA, Label Crack Down On Nine Inch Nails MP3s, Webmasters Say

Sonicnet - 1999-07-17

Provocative, Pounding New NIN Songs Leaked To Radio

Sonicnet - 1999-07-14

Reznor Delivers New Nine Inch Nails Single

MTV - 1999-07-01

New NIN Song Set For Release; Radio Preps For Heavy Airplay

Sonicnet - 1999-07-01

New Nine Inch Nails Coming On July 20

Launch.com - 1999-06-30

Trent Reznor Reportedly Takes Reins Again On Upcoming NIN Album

Sonicnet - 1999-06-17

New NIN Single: Street Date, Track List Set

MTV - 1999-06-01

Trent Reznor Still Looking For New Album Sounds

MTV - 1999-06-01

Nine Inch Nails Post New Music Online

Sonicnet - 1999-06-01

Gossip on Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor

CDNow All Star Music News - 1999-05-25

Unreleased Nine Inch Nails, Revolting Cocks Tracks Due

CDNow All Star Music News - 1999-05-01

Nine Inch Nails In NINety NINe

Hit Parader - 1999-04-01

Reznor Opens Up "The Fragile" To "USA Today"

MTV - 1999-02-01

Trent Reznor, Aaliyah Ponder Collaboration

MTV - 1999-02-01

The Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor Fact Sheet

Circus Magazine - 1999-01-01

Sister Soleil Collaborates With Trent Reznor On Soundtrack Song

MTV - 1999-01-01

Court Dismisses Copyright Infringement Suit Against Trent Reznor

MTV - 1998-12-01

Court Case Dismissed

K-ROCK - 1998-12-01

Former Helmet Guitarist Provides Update

MTV - 1998-11-01

Enigmatic Ad Campaign To Introduce World To Next NIN LP

Sonicnet - 1998-10-01

Rumors Continue...

Hit Parader - 1998-10-01

Trent Reznor Gives Fans A Sneak Peak At New Album

Launch.com - 1998-09-15

Nine Inch Nails: Ball of Confusion

Hit Parader - 1998-09-01

Pretty Late Machine

Alternative Press - 1998-09-01

Nine Inch Nails Album Nearing Completion?

CDNow All Star Music News - 1998-09-01

NIN album on horizon : Trent's new album may be a double.

Daily News Online - 1998-08-01

Nine Inch Nails - Time will only tell.

PERFECTlittleDREAM - 1998-08-01

Expected NIN Release End Of Year Aug '98

Kerrang! - 1998-08-01

Nine Inch Nails A Change Of Pace

Hit Parader - 1998-07-01

Inside The Strange World Of Trent Reznor

Hit Parader - 1998-07-01

Trent Reznor Hacked On AOL

MTV - 1998-06-01

Trent Reznor Looking For New Album Sounds

MTV - 1998-06-01

Trent's Hacked AOL Account

C|NET - 1998-06-01

Trent's AOL Problem

Rolling Stone - 1998-06-01

Top 100 Hard Rock Artists of all Time : Trent Reznor #7

Hit Parader - 1998-06-01

Woman used online account, credit card of rocker, cops say.

Picayune Times Newspaper - 1998-05-01

Trent Reznor's Influence

Seattle Times - 1998-05-01

Reznor and Clint Remixing 12 Rounds

CDNow All Star Music News - 1998-05-01

Spin Magazine's Top 40 Albums - Nine Inch Nails #4

Spin - 1998-05-01

Twist of Fate

Hit Parader - 1998-04-01

Victory & Nine Inch Nails

Entertainment Wire, NY - 1998-03-01

Puff Daddy remixed by Trent Reznor?

MTV - 1998-02-01

Nine Inch Nails Releases "Closure"

MTV - 1997-12-02

New NIN Video, But No New Manson

MTV - 1997-11-04

Trent Reznor Finds New Direction, With Help Of Bowie

MTV - 1997-09-11

"Prayer Focus Artist"

Christian Home Life - 1997-09-01

Trent Reznor Faces Song Theft Accusations

MTV - 1997-08-21

Trent Reznor's Downward Spiral Into Litigation

Launch.com - 1997-08-21

Nine Inch Nails Sued Over Six Songs

CDNow All Star Music News - 1997-08-01

Nine Inch Nails Bio

Rolling Stone - 1997-07-28

Rolling Stone Album Guide

Rolling Stone - 1997-07-28


vh1.com - 1997-07-28

Down In It : Trent Reznor in Cleveland

Cleveland Online - 1997-04-01

Trent Reznor Influential Person

Time Magazine - 1997-04-01

Trent To Team With Rick Rubin

MTV - 1997-04-01

Reznor Flames Rock Contemporaries

MTV - 1997-02-11

Gossip On Trent Reznor And Marilyn Manson

CDNow All Star Music News - 1997-01-01

Trent Reznor's Lost Highway Drops Feb. 11

CDNow All Star Music News - 1997-01-01

Nine Inch Nails Has A Tapeworm

CDNow All Star Music News - 1996-11-01

Nine Inch Nails

High Score - 1996-10-01

Nine Inch Nails Song In Levi's Commercial

CDNow All Star Music News - 1996-09-01

What Makes Trent Reznor Tick?

unknown - 1996-07-28

"The Story Behind the Song; HEAD LIKE A HOLE"

Raw Magazine - 1995-09-01

David Bowie To Headline Tour With NIN

Addicted to Noise - 1995-08-01

The A To Z's Of Nine Inch Nails

unknown - 1995-07-28

Inside the Pretty Hate Machine

alt.music.nin - 1995-07-28

Solid Gold Hell

Solid Gold Hell Bootleg - 1995-07-28

The Music Of Rage

People Magazine - 1995-02-06

Hot Band Is No Secret Here

Dallas Morning News - 1995-02-01

Trent Reznor

Entertainment Weekly - 1995-01-01

The Casualities of MOSHING Nights of Nine Inch Nails and Broken Bones

Newsday - 1995-01-01


Los Angeles Times - 1994-10-02

Fucking Pigs!

unknown - 1994-07-28

Coming Down Fast

Professor - Nailbomb - Stone - 1994-07-28

Nine Inch Nails makes Charts on Industrial Zone

Billboard Magazine - 1994-04-01

Reznor's Pretty Hate Machine!

Kerrang! - 1994-03-01

Broken : The Story of Anger

unknown - 1992-07-28