Trent Reznor

By Luis Hidalgo for El Pais on November 1, 1999

Rockers Nine Inch Nails choose Barcelona to kick off their world-wide tour The band on the forefront of the industrial sound presents their album "Fragile"

His name is Trent Reznor , he's from Cleveland and he heads Nine Inch Nails, A band considered to be the spearhead of the industrial sound. He's been in Barcelona since Thursday , where he prepares for the debut of his new World tour after being away from the stage for 3 years. Tonight is the moment and in only one concert in Spain , Nine inch Nails will present The Fragile , their latest and very elaborate album.

TR: "I've taken 3 years to edit it, because the last tour took me 2 years and left me exhausted, and I was incapable of creating new material" .

Has the wait been worth it?

TR: "For me , yeah, I' m very proud of this record." Once again NIN has provided a difficult album, full of defience and a pronounced attitude towards the music. Again he's created subversive songs , which has left him very satisfied, He assured in Barcelona hours before the start of his world Tour.

Reznor declares himself a depressive guy and mentally unstable, things that his appearance corroborates. Pale as if he'd spent a knight with Nosferatu , dressed in dark colors and with a general tone of not caring very much, Reznor explains : "I want to connect with the public , to which I've given a record that offers different morals to the habitual ones."

When asked the reasons for his dense and dark songs marked by affiliated sounds. "What I look for in my music is what I hear in the artists that interest me. What I pretend to do is make music with textures, music that challenges the listener , record that should be listened to more than once to be understood."

Reznor says that he has to compete with the backstreet boys on the charts , and even if my album is better, his not playing in his territory.

The man who discovered and produced Marilyn Manson, prefers not to talk about the topic. Reznor said that he was involved in the stage design , because unlike other bands he doesn't wish to make a spectacle evident. Reznor also joked that after he finished the tour he would end up living in a cardboard box because of all the money this tour is costing him.

Reznor asked for the towels in his dressing room to be black.

" We've rehearsed the album so much, we've worked so much on the order of the songs and we've been working a lot on the details, that its finished ruining my personal life, which technically could be said that it doesn't exist".

The band also has songs on the soundtracks of the movies Lost Highway and Natural Born Killers, which aren't very pleasant movies. He said that with the band that accompanies them on the tour he pretends to" in a way escape the aggretion that has characterized our music and sound. And I don't want my music to only reach my fans , but the whole world. "

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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