Storm Brewing in the West

Blog Entry about The Hand that Feeds video

By Ian Inaba for GNN.TV on January 28, 2005

The entries have been staying in my head lately as I’m busy trying to finish the True Lies documentary by early march. Things are quietly hectic here at the Berkeley Bunker with a new crew to help me multi-direct. Coming out of Mosh, I was offered a music video project that I just couldn’t turn down. Can’t let out who it is yet, but can tell you that I have stepped out of my Hip Hop comfort zone and back into the rock days of my youth. It’s going to be another one to stir the pot and bring a storm to GNN. This time we are exploring the symbiotic relationship between church and state.

Keeping up with the Marshall, I employed his tactic of storytelling through a hazy mix between fact and fiction. We were on hand last week for the inauguration and took a few GNNers as actors for our new live action production. I will share more info as we get further into the project, but for now ill leave you with the opening of the treatment to give you a taste of what to expect in the early spring storm….

For most Americans the imperial role of the US during the Bush Administration is simply explained as a direct response to the September 11th terrorist attacks. To more discerning groups this period has marked something much greater; the Christian Right sees it as a long overdue resumption of The Crusade, while the anarchists will tell you it is the mere continuation of corporate globalization. Regardless of interpretation, it is clear from the galvanized support that delivered President Bush the election, that religion is now a major force in our social and political institutions. But along with the drive for foreign territorial expansion, there has also been a strong push at home to re-establish the moral dictate of the country. Whether this is tactical or the end goal, so-called Christian values are now permeating into the daily lives of Americans in everywhere from the workplace to the provision of social services. With the ever-blurring lines between Church, State and Big Business, it is now hard for many to know which hand is actually doing the feeding. And for the Christian Right to effectively pull off their agendas, that is exactly how they want it.

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