Nine Inch Nails Reveal 'Fragile' Tracklisting

By Darren Davis for Launch.com on September 3, 1999

On the heels of releasing the single "We're In This Together," Nine Inch Nails has divulged the contents of its new CD, The Fragile, which arrives in stores Sept. 21.

Group mastermind Trent Reznor explains why he went with a double CD. "Once we had crossed the line of 74 minutes on a CD, I made the decision to go with two discs. It just felt better," he explains. "It's kind of like Side A and Side B of an album."

The discs are packed with 23 songs. The first disc, or the "Left" disc, features: "Somewhat Damaged," "The Day The World Went Away," "The Frail," "The Wretched," "We're In This Together," "The Fragile," "Just Like You Imagined," "Even Deeper," "Pilgrimage," "No, You Don't," "La Mer" and "The Great Below."

The second, or "Right" disc, includes: "The Way Out Is Through," "Into The Void," "Where Is Everybody?," "The Mark Has Been Made," "Please," "Starf*ckers Inc," "Complication," "I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally," "The Big Come Down," "Underneath It All," and "Ripe (With Decay)."

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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