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Originally published in Daily Publico on August 1, 1999

It concluded running of videoclip of Reznor The past Sunday concluded in Guadalajara the shooting of W�re in this to together, of the double The disc fragile, the group Nine Inch Nails

Those were 250 young men dressed black that descended yesterday like in explosion by the incline of the unevenness that crosses the road Independence in its crossing the Hidalgo avenue. It was with this image with which Sunday was finished rolling videoclip W�re in this to together, of the American band of alternative music Nine Inch Nails.

The last day of shooting began with the spirits tightened between the director Mark Pellington and his subordinates, after which Saturday a storm -- to six of afternoon -- in the dry lagoon of Sayula almost spoiled the running.

And while this happened, Trent Reznor, leader of Nine Inch Nails, remained shut in in his dressing room to the delay of his takings, after to have filmed, from the past Thursday, 5 of August, in Guadalajara, the first video of his simple of the double The disc fragile. The leases were a house by the district of Mexicaltzingo, in the station of the railroad, the dry lagoon of Sayula and the unevenness of the road Independence.

According to Sergio explained Guti�rrez, of the department of production of the video, the way that took to Nine Inch Nails to film in Guadalajara thanked to that the director selected to the American company Cinesouth to roll. Although one thought about filming originally in the city of Mexico, where Cinesouth has offices, " it was that Guadalajara was lent far better to which the director needed ", said.

And all the voltage, product of a rate of 20 daily takings evaporated to 18:57 hours of the last Sunday, when the three film cameras shot for the last time to film to marabunta of enraged extras running towards the director, while the sound equipment reproduced one of the climatic moments of W�re in this to together.

The voice of Mark Pellington was let listen by a loudspeaker: " We got it " (we have it), which followed the shouts of joy of the extras, that were let go on Pellington and Trent Reznor, who congratulated his director, and in spite of its bodyguards could not avoid the flashazos of the cameras of the own extras. To few meters of Reznor, his agent mounted in rage when seeing surrounded represented his between the extras, and she did not stop to shout " not pictures, not fucking pictures ". This contrasted with the congratulations in English of Pellington to the tapat�os extras.

" They are of the best equipment with those than I have worked, it has been a pleasure to be with you these four days ", also shouted to all lung the director of videoclips Jeremy, for Pearl Jam, and Beautiful girl, for INXS, as well as of tapes the promised gift, Schwarzenegger, and the one of next Arlington opening road, with Tim Robbins and Jeff Bridges.

For the photography assistant, Sergio Ulloa, photographer of the cortometrajes of animation Without support and Until the bones, of Ren� Castillo, as well as of the eighth day, Juan Medina and Rita Basulto (these last two in shooting), in addition to to have directed for Pretty the video Your flower, " were all a experience working with people of the First World, and verifying that the people of Guadalajara we are at the same level, although we need the budget with which they work. It had never been called on me to work with three cameras that did not stop to spend tins and tins of film, whereas here in Mexico, for an animation, for example, you are spent a tin to the month ".

Ulloa emphasized that " it worked almost all along with natural light. It is going enough to be a quite dark video, in that we recorded to invidente and burned people in a wagon, with aesthetic dark. Something peculiar was that, although Reznor is a rock star, 95 percents of people did not know it. Reason why I saw, the history of the video turns around a trip of Reznor in which it fights against its fears, like the solitude ".

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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