Trent Reznor in Guadalajara

Originally published in Daily Publico on August 1, 1999

The creator of Marilyn Manson and who robbed the Woodstock Festival in 1994, catalogued by the Rolling magazine the Stone like one of the most interesting musicians of the decade, the creator of the group Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, were yesterday in the Mexicaltzingo market recording videoclip.

The first day of running of the song " W�re in this to together ", which comprises of the imminent double disc of Nine Inch Nails, The fragile, one of the waited for titles more in the international scope of alternative music, took place in the house number 61 of the street Nicholas R�gules, right to a side of the Mexicaltzingo market, where, from the seven in the morning, they began to arrive the 50 tapat�os extras selected to appear in videoclip.

Black dresses, the extras walked throughout the street and were filmed, while the notes of " W�re in this to together " guided the director, Mark Pellington, to mark the rate of the scene.

" Reznor was united to us in a scene, to walk ", said to David Sanchez, one of the 250 extras that altogether will be required for the video, that will conclude its running Sunday, in the dry lagoon of Sayula. Yesterday, to four of afternoon, Trent Reznor finished rolling the total of his takings in the video and she retired.

Gabriel Arvizu, one of freelance Mexican in charge of the art department, did not leave his astonishment:

" It is incredible how the Americans depend completely on the technology, to the degree of which they are using a special liquid to break glasses, other to give old painting finishing, other to texturizar the old ground, whereas we are customary to do it with things like coffee. They are working with a camera of 16 millimeters and two of 35 ", revealed.

The director of " We're in this to together ", Mark Pellington, was the one who devastated in the 1993 prizes MTV, with videoclip Jeremy for the band Pearl Jam. That same year, Pellington directed to Beautiful girl for the INXS Australians, and in 1997 anywhere, a luck of musical film carried out by Jon was in charge of the mediometraje Destination Bon Jovi, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon and Whoopi Goldberg. In 1997 it directed to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the promised gift, and next its Arlington tape will be released in Mexico road, with Tim Robbins and Jeff Bridges.

On the other hand, Trent Reznor is the founder, composer and leader of Nine Inch Nails, project with which has recorded three discs: Pretty hate machine, spiral The downward and Broken. Also, it was the producer of the Antichrist disc to superstar of his ex- corista and friend Marilyn Manson, and one was in charge of the sound tracks of the films Assassins by nature, Oliver Stone, and Lost highway, of David Lynch. In addition, it collaborated in the Hours disc, of David Bowie, who will leave on sale in October.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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