Gossip on Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor

By Miss Truth for CDNow All Star Music News on May 25, 1999

Stop the rumors! Contrary to the cajillion reports on Nine Inch Nails' new album, The Fragile, a few things seem certain: 1) The album is not done. 2) The album has not yet been handed into Interscope. And, 3) that Jerome Dillon guy from Howlin' Maggie we told you about is in as the drummer (allstar, April 16).

What's uncertain, of course, is the actual street date for the album. June, July, and August have been tossed back and forth (allstar, March 1), and now, it seems the NIN newsgroups on the Web are talking about Sept. 9 as the date. That would be 9/9/99.

This is most likely just yet another unsubstantiated rumor (Nothing records has no official information to release to the press at this time on any of this), but let's say 9/9/99 is the date. Well, that date is actually a very dangerous date for computer systems, not unlike the whole Y2K thing. 9/9/99 has long been used by programmers to indicate an invalid date, so there's a bunch of systems out there with tons of files that will go haywire on that date if they're not addressed the same as 1/1/00.

Perhaps it's Trent Reznor's idea of a joke, given his dependence on computer systems? We'll soon see ...

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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