Expected NIN Release End Of Year Aug '98

Originally published in Kerrang! on August 1, 1998

Nine Inch Nails are expected to release their new album before the end of the year. The band are currently beavering away in the studio - and this time it seems to be more of a band effort than a Trent Reznor solo project. The record is being recorded in New Orleans, with NIN mainman Reznor joined by regular collaborators Charlie Clouser (keyboards/drums) and Danny Lohner (guitar). And according to Clouser, he and Lohner are far more involved in the whole process than ever before. "Trent is charting the course and has a clear vision of how he wants things ot sound," says Clouser. "But Danny and I have been able to contribute a fair amount, and some of the songs we're working on have grown out of sesions with all of us fiddling around in the studio." Apart from the core trio, a number of major guests have been roped in to contribute to the record. These include guitarists Page Hamilton (Helmet) and Adrian Belew (vetran prog rockers King Crimson), drummers Bill Rieflin (Ministry) and Tony Thompson (Powerstation, Genesis), and keyboard player Mike Garson (who's been touring with the Smashing Pumpkins). Reports also claim top producer Steve Albini is involved with the project, although his role remains unclear.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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