Trent Reznor Hacked On AOL

Originally published in MTV on June 1, 1998

Reports out of New Orleans say that Trent Reznor has initiated charges against a woman who allegedly managed to hack his account on AOL.

That city's Times Picayune daily news reports that Amber Appelbaum, 22, allegedly called the online service's billing department, claimed to be Reznor's wife and obtained his password from an AOL staffer.

Appelbaum, who hails from Georgia, has been charged with computer fraud, access device fraud and making harassing phone calls to Reznor. She's also accused of charging long-distance phone calls to one of Reznor's credit cards.

According to the paper, Reznor was logging on as "MT Rez" and noticed irregularities with his account. He apparently hired a private investigator to look into the matter. The investigator shared information with the New Orleans police and the woman was arrested last Monday. She was released Wednesday on her own recognizance.

A spokesperson for AOL told the paper that the accused, Applebaum, appeared to be an obsessive fan. Applebaum claimed to be innocent.

A search of messages in news groups and AOL message board showed no signs of posts by MT Rez, but one member recalled seeing the name frequenting AOL chat rooms.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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