By Jon Young for Request Magazine on April 1, 1998

Fans who can't get enough of Nine Inch Nails might change their mind after viewing Closure (Nothing/Interscope). This nihilist extravaganza consists of two tapes, the first a ragtag documentary of the band on the road, and the second a compilation of nin videos, including those too gross for Mtv. The low-tech tour footage features plenty of incendiary concert performances, plus tiresome backstage glimpses of the boys trying to act wicked. It's more shocking to see frontman Trent Reznor smile. Cameos by Lou Reed and David Bowie reveal the touching desire for respect lurking behind Reznor's somber facade. As for the videos, the quick cuts and brutal images work well on a single song, but numb when consumed in bulk. With its male nudity and bloody torture scene, "Happiness in Slavery" tries hardest to offend, though the first Hellraiser movie did the same thing only more efficiently. All in all, Closure serves Reznor's door image well, although his gruesome music has more punch when experienced without these predictable visuals.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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