Reznor Flames Rock Contemporaries

Originally published in MTV on February 11, 1997

Nine Inch Nails driving force Trent Reznor has publicly sounded off yet again about his disdain for his contemporaries in an interview in an upcoming issue of "Spin" magazine. Reznor tees off on the alternative music scene which he helped to shape, saying of most bands today, "From Stone Temple Pilots on down the line, they've got some good songs... give them credit... but their whole premise, they house they built, is ridiculous. They're not saying anything." Reznor goes on to flame some specific artists in the interview, saying of Bush, "I cannot respect or tolerate the total lack of innovation." Reznor also calls the folks in Oasis "dumb idiots just living life. You know, ignorance is bliss. And there's a truth to that. I guess I just don't want it." The NIN leader also weighed in on MTV, saying, "I watch MTV and think it sucks and I think that most videos are shitty. But I watch because I like knowing what's going on. I want to know that the last No Doubt video sucked so I don't do it myself." Well, we still like him anyway. You can see what else Reznor has to say when the new "Spin" hits newsstands.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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