Trent Reznor Talks Of Teaming With Dr. Dre

Originally published in MTV on January 28, 1997

In a recent magazine interview, Trent Reznor said that he has been planning to work with Dr. Dre or Ice Cube to create music ("Control" live, QuickTime, 1MB) that he hopes will "change the f**king world."

In the February issue of "Raygun Magazine," Reznor tells how he met Dre (who Reznor considers a "f**king genius"), and how the two discussed a possible project.

"Rick Rubin and I met him in the valley like two weeks ago... He's expressed interest in working with me in some capacity and, like, that same day Ice Cube sent me fax saying, 'I want to work with you,' and Ice Cube, I think, is the best rapper I've ever heard," Reznor said.

Reznor told the magazine that the possible collaboration would not be a simple remixing session, saying that the goal is "not to make it a remix situation where it's like white boy remixed by so-and-so, or me singing on a Dre track, or Ice Cube singing on a Nine Inch Nails track. The idea is to have it become the impetus to make some kind of new music. When I talked to Dre, he was like, 'Let's change music.'"

In the article, Reznor also confirms that he is work with producer and American Recordings head Rick Rubin on his next Nine Inch Nails album.

The February issue of "Raygun" is available at newsstands now.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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