Trent Reznor Denies 'Bum' Remix Rumor

By Christina Johnson for CDNow All Star Music News on December 1, 1996

NIN Leader Also Headed To Big Sur For 'Quiet' Recording

No, Trent Reznor is not using a bum to remix a song from his band's next album, according to Reznor himself. A false report was published yesterday (Dec. 11) in the Cybersleaze column of AlterWorld, an online music site, that claimed Nine Inch Nails had commissioned a bum who hangs outside in the back alley at nothing records to rework a song on the band's next album. When allstar asked Reznor about the project Wednesday night (Dec. 11), Reznor chuckled and said, "That's completely untrue."

Reznor, who is in Los Angeles working on NIN's next video, is quite the workaholic these days. He said he is next headed up the California coast to Big Sur to do some recording work for his new album, and added that he's trying to slow down a bit by taking the minimalist approach. "While recording, it's just me, my dog and my piano."

He's also planning to combine various influences on this project, recording with the likes of Money Mark (who worked with the Beastie Boys). When it was suggested that "All work and no play makes Trent a very dull man," he responded, "Yeah, I'm very boring right now."

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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