Lollapalooza Interview

Originally published in MTV on August 20, 1991

MTV: Do you think your place on this tour is an increase in respect for industrial music in general and for nine inch nails in particular? Do you think industrial will cross over into the mainstream?

Trent Reznor: I don't know. I don't know that we're an industrial band, we've been tagged as that, and I don't mind the tag so much. If we are an industrial band we're on the outskirts. We're not a classical example of an industrial band. If it turns people on to music we like and influenced us, that's cool, but as for it being the next big thing I don't know.

MTV: You're actually opening up for Guns 'n Roses in Europe, how did that come about?

Trent: Well, Axl likes us and we kinda made friends with and came on the tour. It will be an experiment [laughes]. I'm excited about it, we've been fans of theirs, so it kinda works out.

MTV: Any plans for a new nine inch nails record?

Trent: Yeah, I'm working on it right now and um, the writing procedure and should be done i would hope by the end of the year.

On Lollapalooza:

Trent: Even if there wasn't one band I wanted to see, as a consumer I would go see this. Potentially have a lot of fun.

On not being able to play in Phoenix:

Trent: I guess what happened was a lot of our equipment was sitting out baking in the desert heat. Since we are an electronically based band, when the main part of your show becomes ruined, becomes melted which is what I think happened, it's cutting out and becoming a nightmare it was an incompetence on the crew's part became an embarrassing situation, so we'd like to apologize to our fans they came out to see us because we really wanted to do a good show, but it was a nightmare. We're prepared for a really hostile reaction; but I think it will be all right, it can only get better from here It's hard to have our show in an outside daylight environments so we'll see what happens.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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