What Makes Trent Reznor Tick?

Originally published in unknown on July 28, 1996

Age: 31

Why him? As bandleader-auteur (nine inch nails), producer (Marilyn Manson), film scorer (lost highway) and label owner (Nothing), the 90's king of pain has injected industrial clatter and musical terror into the mainstream.

What inspires him? "The England club scene has become interesting to me. The electronic music has been exciting and inspirational. We've also been analyzing a lot of old funk records." To provide perspective, Reznor's studio has classic Video games.

Creative Crutch : His dog Daisy, "for when you need some organic animal input - she likes some of the new material."

What's next : A nine inch nails album recorded in a converted new orleans funeral parlor. " I realized the press is gonna love this. First Sharon Tate's home, now a funeral parlor. I'm the spooky guy!"

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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