Fucking Pigs!

Originally published in unknown on July 28, 1994

When you listen to Halo 8, The Downward Spiral, you may wonder what or who Trent Reznor is talking about when he uses the word "pig" throughout Track 4, March of the Pigs.

As explained in the interview with Trent Reznor recorded on Disturbed the "pigs" are more than a simple person. The "pigs" to Trent Reznor are a number of different organizations and groups which seem to present themselves as something more than just greed filled individuals. Trent makes direct references to the "mass media" of the United States for ripping off the majority. He also talks about ex-friends and those who want to see you fail. To paraphrase Trent, "they wanna see you f**k up," obviously this is more than just the simple individual who does not like Nine Inch Nails.

Those who use you and rip you off, a not so sublte image that leads you to believe Trent may be speaking about his not so smooth relations with TVT Records. As we all know, Nine Inch Nails has been rather limited in freedom by the leadership of TVT Records. This problem was not "resolved" until TVT Records was bought out by Interscope Records in a direct move by Interscope to acquire the rights to be Nine Inch Nails' record label.

take the skin and peel it back
now doesn't it make you feel better?
-says it all so simply-

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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