The A To Z's Of Nine Inch Nails

Originally published in unknown on July 28, 1995

The alphabet of Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails is not your normal alphabet-it's more like a bowl of alphabet soup that's been sitting around for days!

A Alone: Trent does his best work alone. He says, "Nine Inch Nails is not a band. If I don't like what you're playing, come up with something better. If I like it, you can play it. If I don't play what I like."

B Broken: Nine Inch Nails' 1992 EP.

C Cash: These Days Trent's making lots of cash for his music. Once upon a time he wasn't.

D The Downward Spiral: The latest Nine Inch Nails record.

E Edge: People say that Nine Inch Nails music is on the "edge."

F Fink: Robin Fink is the guitarist of Nine Inch Nails.

G Gottlieb: Steve Gottlieb was the president of Nine Inch Nails first fucking record company.

H Halo: Trent uses the word "Halo" to number his records.

I Interscope, Iovine: Trent is now on Interscope records which is run by label president Jimmy Iovine.

J Jourgensen: In 1991, Ministry's Al Jourgenson wanted to do a project with Trent, but Steve Fucking Gottlieb said "no," and that's when Trent decided he hated his old fucking record company. He refused to produce any records, and just decided to tour. So Nine Inch Nails played Lollapalooza that summer.

K Kiss: Kiss was one of Trent's favorite bands growing up.

L Lee Mars: Keyboardist for Nine Inch Nails

M Marilyn Manson: Trent discovered this Florida-based band.

N Nine Inch Nails, of course!

O Ohio: Trent began playing his music in Cleveland, Ohio. Unfortunately he feels that most of the members of that city's music scene were not very nice to him.

P Pretty Hate Machine: Nine Inch Nails 1989 disc.

Q Quiet: Not at a Nine Inch Nails concert!

R Rural Pennsylvania: Trent grew up in Mercer, Pennsylvania.

S Sharon Tate: A famous 1960's actress, who was killed by Charles Manson. Trent recorded THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL at her house.

T Twisted Sister: Robin Fink and Marilyn Manson played Twisted Sister covers with T.S.'s former frontman Dee Snider this past December at New York City's Rock Ridge Saloon.

U Underdog: Who'd have thought that Nine Inch Nails would be as popular as they are now? We know YOU knew they'd be big. Good Call.

V Vrenna: Chris Vrenna plays drums for Nine Inch Nails.

W Wordly: Nine Inch Nails music is reflective of what Trent sees in this world; he says a good reason to be interested in violence is "that it's one way of impressing a very violent world to be more violent."

X Generation X: They like Nine Inch Nails a lot as does Generations V and W and Y and Z.

Y You: Yeah, yeah keep reminding us, you knew Trent and Nine Inch Nails would be big.

Z Zoom 9030: It's a guitar attachment that Trent also uses when it comes time to singing, so his vocals sound as unique as they do. Also didja know that Z is a sideways N as in Nine Inch Nails?


Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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