By Aaron Brophy for Chartattack on January 1, 2007

Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D is the physical manifestation of Nine Inch Nails' elaborate exit strategy from the hands of those evil, corporate pigs at his old record label. Reznor's been sabre-rattling lately about going directly to the people from here on out and he makes good by including a bonus disc of separated audio files suitable for NIN fans/shut-ins to piece together their own remixes. The thought of thousands of "fan" versions of "The Great Destroyer" sounds absolutely appalling, but Reznor will get what he deserves when it comes to sifting through them all. It'll likely parallel the tiredness of having to deal with the unevenness of the remixes contained here. Reznor pimps his new BFF Saul Williams on "Guns By Computers" and "Survivalism" to limp results. Likewise, Modwheel, Kronos Quartet and Bill Laswell remixes are little more than vain exercises in sonic adventuring. The most successful reinterpretations are those where the mixers bring the songs back to the dingy post-apocalyptic dancefloors where Nine Inch Nails work best. Epworth Phones' "Capital G," Ladytron's "The Beginning Of The End," The Other Two's "God Given" and, in a symbolic mix that perhaps best exemplifies what NIN's admirers want most from the band, "unknown fan" contributor Pirate Robot Midget's "My Violent Heart" all bang with remorseless, dark beats suitable for the most virulent boot-stomping.

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