10Q with Aaron North (New NIN Guitarist)

By Big Boss for SPLAT.COM on January 29, 2005

1) Describe Aaron North in 3 words?

AN) Single white male

2) Are you vain?

AN) No

3) What was the last album you heard, and what did you think of it?

AN) I was listening to an old English band called Kaleidoscope in my car on my way home tonight. their first album "tangerine dream" came out in 1967, and is one of the most underrated psychedelic pop-rock albums of all time. better than the first Pink Floyd album even. too bad the album is out of print. but it slays. so yeah... that was the last album i heard.

4) Are you kind to small mammals and old ladies?

AN) I eat small mammals sometimes. I don't like old people. fat people too. i hate fat people the most.

5) Who are your three favourite guitarists?

AN) Ron Asheton, Pete Townshend, Syd Barrett

6) What are your thoughts on Guns n'roses?

AN) That first album was classic. I don't consider that new line-up with the backing band freak show to be guns n' roses, and I'm sure most people feel the same way.

7) What is the status between you and the Icarus Line?

AN) I quit the band. I was over it. I did not quit the Icarus line to join Nine Inch Nails,I quit the Icarus line about a month before I started playing with NIN.

8) Have you heard the new NIN album, and if so, what are your favourite tracks?

AN) I have... and I'm not going to tell you. I will say that it is an amazing and inspiring record. Really fun stuff to play.

9) You piss on Robin Finck's shoes according to Trent. What do you think of that?

AN) I don't know. It's apples and oranges. My style and approach to guitar is nothing like that dude's. I've only seen him play once... when my old band played a festival in Japan with guns n' roses... he seems like a great guitar player, but like i said, apples and oranges.

10) What are your plans and thoughts for 2005?

AN) Tour.

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