Year Zero Project: Fahrenheit NIN

By Daniel Kreps/Rock and Roll Daily for Rolling Stone on February 28, 2007

Yesterday Nine Inch Nails released a concert DVD entitled Beside You in Time. We thought this meant we were getting a day off from this whole Year Zero Project, but some eagle-eyed NIN message boarder noticed that on the Blu-Ray Edition of the BYIT packaging, in expiration-date lettering, read the words “Secure,” “Broadcast,” “Informatics.” Add a “.com” and voila: www.securebroadcastinformatics.com.

The page resembles a futuristic Yousendit in disrepair. Reconstruct the scrambled puzzle pieces, enter the password “matt26:45-46″ (an appropriate Bible passage) and another site pops up: www.solutionsbackwardsinitiative.com/pilgrims.

With the next site, Trent and the YZ crew have engineered a time capsule from the Year Zero (fifteen years from now). We learn that books are banned, perhaps the reason many of the project’s websites feature hidden text. This time it’s John Milton’s anti-censorship plea Aeropagitica. We also learn that the site operates illegally, as a means for the people of the future to catalog and spread banned art. There’s likewise a bunch of Quantum Physics talk, but that’s out of our ballpark. Maybe one of you is an expert in the space/time continuum? Help us out. What does it all mean?

[Thanks to the NINHotline]


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