'Year Zero' Not NINE INCH NAILS' First Attempt At Concept Album

Originally published in Blabbermouth.net on March 21, 2007

Launch Radio Networks reports: NINE INCH NAILS' upcoming album, "Year Zero", is reportedly the first of two concept records about a future religious dictatorship taking over the U.S. amid signs that the apocalypse is near. But this isn't bandleader Trent Reznor's first attempt at telling a story through music. Reznor told Launch that he originally intended the group's 2005 release, "With Teeth", to be a conceptual piece as well. "I'd come up with this kind of elaborate storyline, and the record was gonna be a concept record that had a number of pretentious elements to it," he said. "I was gonna talk about multi-layered reality and waking up in a dream you can't wake up out of, and eventually finding acceptance after you go through this period of trying to fight it. It was all kind of a big analogy for me getting sober."

"Year Zero" is scheduled for release on April 17.

NINE INCH NAILS has posted the video for "Survivalism", the first single from "Year Zero", on YouTube. The clip was first revealed on computer USB drives left behind after the band's recent show in London. Fans also spotted letters in the video that, when spelled out, led to yet another in the series of web sites connected to the album's concept, thewaterturnedtoblood.net.

According to The NIN Hotline, a complete list of the web sites relating to the album can be found at ninwiki.com.

Reznor recently told England's Kerrang! Radio that he's already in talks about a film version of "Year Zero".

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