Stroke of genius from Reznor

With Teeth (5 out of 6)

By Andreas Hveding Berg for Hamar Arbeiderblad on May 8, 2005

Trent Reznor is still fond of the industrial sound, and toys elegantly with noise this time around also. Still, “With Teeth” is a development towards a quieter and more straightforward Nine Inch Nails. Already on the first track something new is revealed to be brewing; Reznor has chosen to write something as unusual as a radio song. A kind of pop song carried along by a pretty melody. And it’s the first track! Pretty different from the rest of the album, but very descriptive of the new NIN. Reznor doesn’t punch as hard as before, but long remain his nails, with all that entails, of cleverly arranged noise and cool rhythms. He hasn’t moved away from industrial rock, but rather softened it up a bit. Gloomy and hard, but more focused on the melodic than before. Another stroke of genius from the most exciting man in Australia, Trent Reznor. A man who still has enough edge to bite hard. With teeth.

Translated by Sveinung Mikkelsen

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