New With Teeth CD to Package More Punch

By By Liisa LaDouceur for The Toronto Sun on May 20, 2005

A new version of Nine Inch Nails' latest CD, With Teeth, will have more bite.

Trent Reznor said for the first time in an interview with the Sun that he is planning a deluxe edition of the CD, which last week topped the Billboard album charts in both Canada and the U.S.

In reaction to the limitations of packaging on CDs, the current edition of With Teeth features no booklet or added features -- just a link to the nin.com web site, where full artwork is available for download.

"What do you do when you buy a record now?" Reznor said. "I either download it or, more likely, I'll immediately put the CDs I buy in my iPod and then I lose them. Artwork is disposable now. I liked albums. It was an exploratory process. I don't see that with CDs. They're junk. It feels like we should just by-pass packaging all together."

In response to disappointed NIN fans who have questioned this logic, Reznor told the Sun for the first time that a special With Teeth packaging is in the works. To coincide with an arena tour set to be announced in June, he has planned a deluxe box to be sold at shows and on-line.

"If you want to, you'll be able to buy a real deluxe book that the record fits into. It's a super nice thing that will have a big essay from me and a lot of pictures. It's more of a presentation and the artwork that you have now, that maybe you didn't quite understand, you'll see how it all fits into this. You'll get it."

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