Originally published in Nine Inch Nails Press Release on March 1, 2000

March 1, 2000 - New York, NY ? "Fragility v1.0 ? Europe 1999" is set to reair on MTV this Sunday, March 5, at 11:30PM ET/PT. The rebroadcast of nine inch nails? first concert television special will provide fans with a televised look at the band?s sold-out, European "Fragility" tour.

nine inch nails? "Fragility" tour garnered rave reviews, including Melody Maker?s review of the London date, which stated, "Pretty great machine...there?s no one who uses the word f*ck quite like Trent Reznor...Reznor is a law unto himself...Reznor has the mystique of a dark angel, a presence that permeates every awe-filled onlooker."

The footage for the special has been culled from shows in Barcelona, Milan, Munich, Vienna, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Dusseldorf, Tilburg and London, and was shot by both fans - picked randomly from the crowd - and professional cameramen.

nine inch nails recently returned from headlining the Big Day Out tour in Australia and New Zealand with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Foo Fighters.. In their review of the Melbourne show, Rolling Stone magazine noted, "?Trent Reznor, by sheer force of will, delivered the event?s best set?musically ferocious and personally magnetic?transcendent."

The band plans to announce their U.S. tour shortly. Watch the band?s official website ? www.nin.com ? for tour dates and more.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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