Trent On Tour

Originally published in Juice.net on November 1, 1999

Trent Reznor says that the Nine Inch Nails tour for the new album The Fragile is a mellower affair than the band`s usual full-tilt attack. But the new line-up is working well as far as he's concerned. "There was a big element of aggression last time we were out and it was a mosh pit kind of scenario," said Reznor, speaking from the European leg of the tour. "I didn't know how you'd fit some slower, moodier songs from The Fragile in there and not make it boring, because there's a lot of songs that are all around the same BPM." "The band, I think, is really good," he concludes. "Touring's going well and I don't have a whole lot to complain about at this moment," he laughs. "But I'll come up with something." Australians can catch NIN as they make their way around the country with the Big Day Out.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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