Looking For Ms. Goodpipes

By Carolyn Hillard for Suite101.com on October 1, 1999

Trent Reznor has put out the word that he?s looking for a female singer to work on a new project he has in mind. And Nothing Records is taking demo tapes. So if you?re that would-be rising star, you can send your tapes to P.O. Box 161095, Cleveland, Ohio, 44116, or get the info straight from the source by going to http://www.nin.com and searching the grid boxes for the details. No word on what vocal qualities the Rez is looking for. That would be too easy wouldn?t it? Aspiring chanteuses will just have to give it their best shot and hope they?ve got that indefinable quality.

Initially, there were some rumors that the female singer might be used as a backup singer during the upcoming Nine Inch Nails tour. Reznor, posting to his own message board on nin.com, clarified that that was not his intention. In La Rez?s own words: "Someone has started a rumor that the female vocalist position is for singing backups on the tour. It is not. I am starting a new project that will involve someone else singing, probably involved lyrically and most likely female. This is not in place of NIN, I just have a lot of extra material and ideas that I'm excited to try in a different situation. More later..."

Reznor is also soliciting demo tapes from new bands, as prospective additions to the Nothing Records label. Details on that can also be found at the nin.com site.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE REHEARSAL HALL: Nine Inch Nails the newly regrouped band has been practicing away at a publically undisclosed location in New Orleans. The location, on a street in an area that is generally unsafe for unsuspecting tourist types to be wandering around in, happens to be one of the major venues for visiting artists however, and was reportedly not the original choice. According to my sources, the band was originally negotiating to set up for live rehearsals at the State Palace Theater, but when conditions could not be worked out, the rehearsals were moved. Nine Inch Nails is slated to begin their tour in Europe in November. The North American leg of the tour will begin next year, and no dates for that portion of the tour have been released yet.

THE FRAGILE took a dip on the Billboard charts after zooming into No. 1 the first week. Critical reviews have been mainly good to great.

PILGRIMAGE: Well...not exactly. I go to New Orleans this time every year, but since one of the songs on The Fragile is titled that I thought it made a hell of a lead-in...:) Yes...your Suite101 NIN Editor will be in New Orleans next week for some vacation fun and frolic. Will be hooking up with some of the regular posters to the nin.com board at some point. See you when I get back!

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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