Nine Inch Nails "With Teeth"

Translated by Scero

By MARTIN CARLSSON for Expressen on May 4, 2005

5 of 5 (Classic)


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When I was recently asked to name the world's greatest singer, my answer was just as easy as it was unexpected for the person asking: Trent Reznor. On a technical level he is pretty mediocre, but that doesn't matter. Reznor shows emotion and speaks to me like no other artist, one moment he is vulnerable and insightful, the next he is angry and desperate.

After a few years of problems and abuse, Reznor is back with his first studio album since 1999. That he now privately has found his place is not something you can tell from this trip to hell, spread over 13 songs (and the bonus track home found in Europe). On "With Teeth" he settles the score with himself.

When compared to the predecessor "The Fragile", and the chaotic "The Downward Spiral", the album is straight and minimalistic. But when Reznor made all the tracks to the single "The Hand that Feeds" available, you could tell he rarely chooses the most apparent solutions. There are a lot of layers to discover.

What is clear though, is that Nine Inch Nails has created his most accessible album since "Pretty Hate Machine". Here are choruses to die for, clever and cool instead of ingratiating. Towards the end, the drama increases, and the triple "The line begins to blur", "Beside you in time" and the piano ballad "Right Where It Belongs" gives me goose bumps.

Four masterpieces on just as many attempts. Trent Reznor is definitely a unique artist in today’s disposable society.

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