Two : Voyeurs (Nothing Records)

By Lorraine Gennaro for Rockpile Magazine on February 1, 1998

Two is ex-Judas Priest singer Rob Halford's new band, featuring guitarist John Lowery. In l996, a chance meeting between Halford and TRENT REZNOR in New Orleans resulted in the latter signing the former to his label. REZNOR was executive producer of Voyeurs. Lest anyone decide to write this off as just another has-been metal god selling out by going electronic, or worse yet, Halford trying to cash in on the REZNOR's name--forget it.

Voyeurs is an exciting release illustrating what a Halford-Reznor union can create. Halford's distinctive, classically trained vocals are intact, even if his characteristic falsetto, shrieking and screeching are nowhere to be found. Then there are times when Halford sounds so much like REZNOR, it's tough to remember who was producing and who was singing. Although it rocks in its own way, the music isn't abrasive or violent. "Stutter Kiss" is hypnotic in a dreamlike, surreal way. Voyeurs sounds more like NAILS than a Priest record. Staunch Priest fans probably won't find this release satisfying enough, but NAILS fans and other open-minded folks should enjoy the view from Voyeurs.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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