Nine Inch Nails A Change Of Pace

By Various Fans for Hit Parader on July 1, 1998

Trent Reznor seems to love living in the eye of a hurricane. Few performers on the contemporary music landscape appear to enjoy confounding and confusingtheir following more than Nine Inch Nails' guiding light. As one might expect, Reznor's approach to his craft has created quite a stir among those who follow his each and every move. Some love Reznor for iconoclastic ideals, others abhor him for his penchant for doing things strictly by his own rules. Over the last few months, the Hit Parader offices have been positively deluged with correspondences reflecting the full range of reader reaction to Reznor's on-going antics. We figured that isntead of providing you with another one of our insightful features or tell-all interviews, we would provide our readers with a Fan Forum on the one and only Trent Reznor. Love him or hate him, apparently no one can ignore him.

Dear Hit Parader,

What's with you guys? You keep putting a questionable talent like Marilyn Manson on your cover, yet you leave a true genius like Trent Reznor--the guy, by the way, who really put Manson on the rock and roll map--languishing in the back pages of every issue. Don't you know that Reznor is the most important musical figure of the '90's? It's time you showed him the proper amount of respect. I know that all Reznor fans everywhere would agree with me.

Brooklyn, NY

Hit Parader, I don't write to magazines often, but I wanted to take a pen in hand to thank you for your increased coverage of Nine Inch Nails. Obviously the band's fans want to grab hold of each and every scrap of information they can about Trent and the boys, and you've helped provide us with some insight. We all know how tough it is to get a real grasp of what's happening with Reznor, but you people are sure giving it the ol' college try.

Princeton, NJ

Hey Dudes,

Your mag is rad! But we need more Trent. The man is God. Every song he writes is amazing. Millions of people around the world worship him---and I do too.

Santa Monica, CA

To The HP Editorial Dept.,

Trent Reznor is the most complex and fascinating person in the entertainment world. He makes brillian music, runs his own record label, works with top movie directors on soundtracks...and doesn't take crap from anyone! If that's not the definition of what Hit Parader likes to call a "Renaissance Man" I don't know what is. Yet I know quite a few people who don't appreciate Reznor and NIN. The feel he's too intense and that his musical posturing is some sort of an act. How sad that they're missing out on something so special.

St Paul, MN

Hey Hit Parader,

If I was to be believe everything I read in some of your articles, you act there's nothing more to Nine Inch Nails than Trent Reznor acting cranky. C'mon, get real! Maybe he is someone who has his own set of ideals and principals, but you should respect him for that--not put him down. I know that most of the things you say about Trent are very complimentary and the Hit Parader staff seems like they're all big NIN fans, but real fans accept Trent for what he is.

San Antonio, TX

Dear Hit Parader,

Why are you trying to make Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor seem like the same person? You put their faces on your silly little holograms so that they tend to blend into one another. Is that supposed to be some sort of hidden message? If it is, stop it! They're both great musicians who each have their own style and personality. Manson is trying to move away from Reznor's influence on his new album, and we'll see just how far he gets. But please, in the future give each of these stars room for themselves.

Atlanta, GA

Reznorites Unite!

This letter is for all the Reznorites out there---the millions of people in the NIN Army who recognize our "savior" as the one and only Trent Reznor. I know the man can walk on water--do you? Put your faith where it belongs, he'll lead you up the downward spiral of life.

Palm Beach, FL

Hey Hit PArader,

You should cover more of the acts on Trent Reznor's Nothing record label. Do you know about Rob Halford's new band, Two? They're great! Heave Nails influence, but distinctly different. Reznor is the album's executive producer, and you can fell his fingerprints all over this one! There should be a ton of new Nothing product coming out later this year--including new albums from Prick and Marilyn Manson.

Nothing Else Matters
Berlin, Germany


Reznor rules! Everyone else drools! Get it straight. Either follow Reznor, or run over by the hordes who do. As the old saying goes, you can either lead, follow or get out of the damn way. Trent is the leader, we are the followers... what are you?

Toledo, OH

Dear Hit Parader,

I was lucky enough to see Nine Inch Nails play live when they were on tour with David Bowie two years ago. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the greatest concert of my life. Even though they played in a big hall, with 15,000 people in there, the band was able to make my skin crawl. Trent Reznor is truly the master showman of all time. I can't wait to see NIN again.

Dandy Mandy

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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