Closure Video Set

Originally published in Circus Magazine on April 1, 1998

When one thinks of which bands are at the forefront of music video, NIN is about as cutting edge as you can get. With assistance from directors, NIN mastermind Trent Reznor has painted some of the most intriguing video pictures of all time (such as the Mark Romanek-directed "Closer") and some of the most horrific (the rarely seen clip for "Happiness in Slavery"). The collection is comprised of two videotapes, the first being strictly comcert footage while the second contains all of NIN's music videos. Tape #1 is a revealing portrait of NIN on the road, with band interviews and day-to-day occurences intercut with full-length live songs (highlights include "March of the Pigs," "Down In It," "Hurt," and others.) Many of the music videos' visuals on tape #2 are powerful as the actual music--"Wish" shows the band playing to deranged lunatics while protected inside a cage, and the video for "Head Like A Hole" proved to be many fans' first introduction to the band back in 1991. "Closure" will help satisfy NIN fans' appetites until the new studio album appears later this year.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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