Nine Inch Nails Releases "Closure"

Originally published in MTV on December 2, 1997

Nine Inch Nails finally gets some closure. As we reported earlier, the band's home video was somewhat delayed due to distribution snags. That all seems to be ironed out now. Fans can now take the two tape set, "Closure" home. Frontman Trent Reznor regards this the end of an era.

Part One of "Closure" features concert excerpts from the '94 to '96 "downward spiral," "self destruct," and "further down the spiral" tours, with clips of Reznor on the tour bus and cavorting with Jim Reed, Filter, and Lou Reed. The performance line-up is as follows:

"terrible lie"
"down in it"
"march of the pigs"
"the only time"
"hurt" with David Bowie (live)
"eraser" (live)
"a warm place"
"something i can never have"

Part Two features twelve director cut versions of Nine Inch Nails videos, compiled by video director Peter Christopherson:

"head like a hole" directed by H-gun/Eric Zimmerman and Ben Stokes
"sin" directed by Brett Turnball
"down in it" directed by H-Gun/Eric Zimmerman and Ben Stokes
"pinion" directed by Eric and Serge
"wish" directed peter Christopherson
"help me i'm in hell" directed by Eric and Serge
"happiness in slavery" directed by Jonathan Reiss
"gave up" directed by Jonathan Reiss
"march of pigs" by Peter Chistopherson
"erasure" (live)
"wish" (live)
"the perfect drug" directed by Mark Romanek
Trent Reznor is also currently in the studio working on Nine Inch Nails new album, tentatively titled "The Fragile."

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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