Nine Inch Nails Has A Tapeworm

Originally published in CDNow All Star Music News on November 1, 1996

Side Project In The Works; Rick Rubin Producing NIN Album In the ever-growing world of superstar side projects, the latest to rear its ugly head is Tapeworm, featuring members of Nine Inch Nails. A source says that the band includes guitarist/keyboardist/bassist Danny Lohner, drummer Chris Vrenna, and Sean Beavan, who has worked with NIN and Marilyn Manson as an engineer and/or remixer.

Although Trent Reznor has told his bandmates that he will sing in the project, our source says it may not happen. Regardless, the band is looking to have a few singers handle vocal duties for Tapeworm.

"Trent may be nervous that Tapeworm might take off a la Manson, and he has a serious competitive streak," says the source, referring to the fact that Reznor would not want to lose bandmates to a band which may become as successful as Marilyn Manson, whom he also helped. "He claimed that Tapeworm tapes were his since they were done in his studio," the source continues. "Bandmembers threatened to leave [so] he said, 'I'll do [vocals] for you,' and everyone was satisfied. I think he's lying to keep the sidemen happy. He hasn't done anything on the project; he's keeping everyone on a string."

Meanwhile, noted producer Rick Rubin (Red Hot Chili Peppers (see story above), Johnny Cash); the president of American Recordings, is said to be producing the new Nine Inch Nails record... via phone? "I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't last," says the source. "He phones in his advice."Another source says that Reznor and Rubin have met, Reznor's flown to L.A. to talk with him, and that it's unlikely that any real producing is being done over the phone.

Reznor, who has been in New Orleans, is said to be thinking about renting a house somewhere in California soon to write the record. The only new NIN song we know about so far is "Perfect Drug," which will be on the soundtrack to the forthcoming David Lynch movie

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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