Making the Scene (Jul 27-Aug 2, 1989)

By Staff for Scene on July 27, 1989

Londinium Moda International will team up with fashion designer Eleste and jewelry designer Robert Dunne to present their 37th show featuring for- ward hair fashions this year at Aquilon this Friday, July 28 and at the Lift this Sun- day, July 30. Dubbed "The Pieces of Peace Tour," Moda '89: The Collections is underscored with a message of global awareness. Pointing to the recent events in China and the Brazilian Rain Forests, Londinium Moda's Martin James explains the unspoken undertones or the show will point to the celebration of American freedom. Enhancing the visual treats will be the debut of a piece of music created for the show by Trent Reznor's project, Nine Inch Nails.

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