Solid Gold Hell

By Professor Stone for Solid Gold Hell Bootleg on July 28, 1995

A Note About NIN & Trent Reznor

This "article" can be found on the inside of the insert for the bootleg "Solid Gold Hell." It is by Professor Stone '93.

Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor's main reason for existance on this planet. Taking over two years solitary work to complete his debut release, the highly acclaimed album "Pretty Hate Machine", Trent has formed the most notorious underground electro outfit in America, only rivaled by the mighty Ministry. The Nine Inch Nails path to notority began back in 1990 when a videocassette of disgarded footage from the promotional film for the track "Down In It" was handed in to the FBI by a soncerned citizen who were certain they had stumbled across a bonafide snuff movie. The FBI spent the following months trying to track down the "victim", even going as far as issuing identification photographs for TV news shows. All this time, the "victim", Trent was working hard away on finalising the album, unaware of all the fuss going on. Nobody could ever have dreamt up publicity as good as this. With the "Pretty Hate Machine" album going platinum in the States and having further problems with video footage, resulting in the promotional films for "Sin" and "Happiness In Slavery" being banned. Trent announced the release of two new albums, "Broken" and "Fixed" in the late 1992. With work for his next album already under way and a major tour fixed for early 1993. Nine Inch Nails are gonna give you mightmares you'll never wake up from.

Professor Stone '93

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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